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The Artificial Intelligence of iOS 18 will take the Mail app to a higher level: it will write for you

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The application of Mail on the iPhone is a fundamental tool for email management, designed to provide an efficient and fluid user experience. Natively integrated into the iOS operating system, Mail allows users to access multiple email accounts from one place, including popular services such as iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, among others.

The Mail app, the native email management app, in iOS 18 will receive substantial improvements driven by new Artificial Intelligence capabilities, including more powerful search, generative “smart responses” and assistance in writing emails electronics.

Email summary, categories and more

According to a new report, the results we will obtain when searching in Mail will be reinforced with additional information, which will be extracted from Contacts, locations and locally stored documents.

One of the main improvements in Apple Mail is the search engine optimization. Now, when performing a search in the application, users will be able to receive more complete and relevant results, thanks to the integration of additional information from contacts, locations and documents stored on the device. This means that searching for a specific email will be easier and efficient, providing users with the necessary information more quickly.

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On the other hand, “smart responses” will be based on Apple's large language model (LLM), known internally as Ajax. Combined with the deep Siri integration in Mail and the virtual assistant's ability to create real-time responses at the user's request, Smart Responses are being developed to streamline communication and save time. This feature will allow users to respond to emails quickly and efficiently, generating appropriate and contextual responses automatically.

Our iPhone will be more powerful in iOS 18

Associated with the new Mail features is a new writing tools at the system level which could enable text editing via ‌Siri‌. This framework is apparently included in preview versions of ‌iOS 18‌, iPadOS 18, and macOS 15. Although little is known about how it will end up being implemented, the report suggests that it could help change the style or tone of the user's text while writing an email or message. . For example, if a user wanted to sound more formal, he could ask ‌Siri‌ to compose the text in a more professional manner.

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The report offers several other details related to “Project BlackPearl,” Apple's codename for some AI and machine learning improvements across the system. These improvements include the automatic email classification based on their content, the ability to summarize emails, as well as topic-based notification summaries. These features are designed to help users better manage their emails and stay organized.

Mark Gurman has previously mentioned many of the other rumored AI features coming to ‌iOS 18‌ and ‌macOS 15‌. These improvements reflect Apple's continued effort to integrate Artificial Intelligence more deeply and usefully into its devices, making life easier daily of its users.

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