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The basic needs of dogs and cats: not just food


Kitty and Fido have ethological needs very different.

The dog naturally lives in packs, so he needs to share his space with family members and also interact with other dogs. Cats, on the other hand, are solitary or live in small family groups. For them, it is essential to have plenty of space to move, play and rest alone.

The hours of operation are also different. Fido is a diurnal animal while the cat prefers to play, hunt and move between the beginning of the evening and the night.

Another basic need of dogs and cats is physical and mental exercise. To feel good and feel satisfied they need to express their nature, exploring the environment and testing their abilities.

Fido will be happy if you spend time with him offering him mental activation games or agility courses created in the garden.

For Puss, however, you can create a feline-friendly environment, in which he can move using the height with shelves, vertical structures in which to play and hide. When you are together, propose activities that stimulate curiosity and his hunting instinct: guaranteed success!

How to understand the needs of your cat and dog

When an animal has all its needs satisfied, it is a happy animal.

Eat and rest as much as you need. He is active, curious and serene. The relationship with human companions and other animals is stable. He doesn’t make a dramatic scene if you leave the house to do the shopping.

However, when something is missing in the life of the cat and dog to make them feel free and satisfied, their behavior changes. Among the most common signs of discomfort are:

  • Loss of appetite and refusal of food.
  • Howls, yelps and heartbreaking meows for no apparent reason.
  • Apathy or hyperactivity.
  • Vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Licking or nibbling obsessively.
  • Aggression with animals and people.
  • Tendency to destroy curtains, sofas, shoes, household objects.
  • Physical attitudes such as tail between legs, ears lowered or backwards, tremors.

The first thing to do if you notice these signs is exclude physical causes such as trauma or illness. Then visit to the vet, checks and tests.

If your cat and dog are healthy, you need to look for the causes in them emotional and psychological balance. You can get help from an expert in relational ethology who will be able to advise you on what to do based on the problem and the individual characteristics of your friend.

Sometimes just a few precautions and changes to the lifestyle or habits of the family unit are enough to solve the problem. If the problem is deeper, you can work with naturopathy or energy treatments to support your cat and dog and help them feel better more quickly.

Naturopathy does not aim to erase your friend’s signs of distress. With natural remedies and the right lifestyle, it helps eliminate the root causes of discomfort, giving a new balance.

If your dog or cat is behaving strangely for no reason, find out what we can do together to help him get better.

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