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the best laptop Apple has ever made

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Before going into it in this post, I would like to highlight that this publication is completely personal and the expense has come out of my pocket, so I will try to give you the most sincere opinion possible so that, in the event that you make an investment of this level, be sure of what you are and are not buying.



The first thing we have to say is that it is the same design as in previous generations, but with the inclusion of a new aesthetic color that offers great character: matte black finish, also known as space black. This color, together with its design, tells us that it is a device that at first glance is much more minimalist, discreet and elegant, giving a plus of quality, in addition to visually looking very attractive with the backlit keys.

All the reviews said that this device was a fingerprint magnet, however, the new technology that Apple has implemented has corrected much of this problem. In fact, even if you are a person with excessive sweating on your hands, the prints remain very, very little. Point in favor of this great team.


MacBook m3 vs m3 pro

The version that we have purchased is the M3 Pro, the version that includes more ports. Specifically, we have the MagSafe port for charging, which works like a magnet and whose objective is that, if we trip over the cable, it disconnects and prevents it from dragging the equipment. In addition, we also have two USB-C ports on the left side of the audio cable. On the right side we have the SD card reader, HDMI cable and a Lightning connector. Am I missing any more elements? Yes, the ethernet cable, which is always good to have.

For years, and practically since the minimalist design was installed, Apple has sinned by putting too few ports. However, with the arrival of Silicon, the situation has changed, at least in the Pro models.


widgets on MacBook Pro with macOS Sonoma

The 16-inch screen is truly amazing. Honestly, I have never had a screen with such great quality, offering a visual quality and color range that I have been fascinated with.

This is a great panel that allows you to edit photographs, work in 3D or Figma software in full screen and have all the necessary side panels. Its volume has become evident when I am editing in Adobe Premier, because it is a software with many tabs and, fortunately, you can have everything in a very visible and functional way.

Of all the benefits that this device has, there are three aspects that we would like to highlight. It has a panel that Apple will take many years to improve, and not because it doesn't want to, but because it won't be able to. Specifically, we are referring to Mini Led technology, capable of turning tiny areas on and off. On the other hand, the brightness, with the capacity of up to 1,6000 nits in HDR mode and Pro Motion. Finally, the ability to raise or lower the refresh rate, just like the iPhone. All of this generates a feeling of dynamism that means we can even work more agilely.


Macbook pro 16 con iPad pro

The performance of this equipment will depend on the processor we choose. Apple offers the M3, the M3 Pro (which is the version we have chosen) and the M3 Max. In this sense, the M3 Pro is the most balanced device of all, offering higher performance than the M3 and lower than the M3 MAX. The latter is a “beast” from which only very professional people will really be able to extract all the possible performance. Now, within the model we find different options, such as an improvement in the cores. However, most users will not notice this slight improvement, so we recommend that you purchase a higher version only if your budget allows it; If not, save on other issues, such as Apple Care.

By way of conclusion, we are going to highlight the best and the worst of this product. On the one hand, what we liked the most was the performance and user experience between screen, autonomy, sound and keyboard. On the other hand, what we liked least is the price of customization, which exceeds 200 euros, and sometimes reaches 460, if you purchase higher versions.

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