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The Carlos Slim Foundation launches FREE online course for you to train as a self-service store cashier – Teach me about Science

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Many times, when looking for a job, it may be that we see it as too easy and it is easy for us to apply for it, it may be that everything goes well, but when the time comes to demonstrate the necessary skills, it is when the person does not know how to act, since I believed that the work is simple, this happens even with personnel in other areas, when they try to do the work of others they do not fully know how to do it despite having a higher position. Given this, it is necessary that any job that you see as simple you train and learn about it, for this, the Carlos Slim Foundation puts at your disposal a large number of courses, with excellent topics focused on the participant being able to learn in a simple way. but very intuitive.

In this case, we are going to show you the course that is available as Self-service store cashierwhich is an excellent option for you to learn everything related to this great work, which goes beyond just receiving money and giving change.

Although a self-service store cashier must have excellent knowledge of cash counting, it is also important that they know how to safeguard and deliver it, in addition to knowing documents such as checks, money orders, and other valuable documents. It is worth mentioning that he must also know how to make cancellations and how to achieve good and honest fundraising for the company in which he works, all in accordance with the guidelines established by the company.

As you can see, it is a task in which vast knowledge is needed and handling cash can have more responsibility than in other areas. So if you are interested in starting to work or have already done so and want to update your knowledge, then this course will be of great help to you. Since it is one of the most complete courses you can find in this regard. So go ahead, it will be excellent for your first job or so you can improve and even advance.

Below, we show you the topics taught in this course to Self-service store cashier.

Self-service store cashier course

Level 1

Lesson 1

° The self-service cashier

° Work tools

Activity 1: Your work environment

° Safety and accident prevention

° Hygiene and personal presentation

Lesson 2

° Business policies

Activity 1: Preparing the work area

° The self-service store

° Types of clients

Level 2

Lesson 1

° General cashier process

° Hygiene and presentation of the area

° Verification of the operation of the box

Activity 1: Preparing the work area

° Request for low denomination currency

Lesson 2

° Customer service

° Product registration

° Promotions and discounts

Activity 1: Quality service

° Special boxes

Lesson 3

° Other services

° Errors and cancellations in collection

° The cash cut

° Types of order

Activity 1: The collection process

° Collection of products

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Level 3

Lesson 1

° Emotion management

° Difficult clients

Activity 1: Problem solving

° Returns management

Lesson 2

° What to do in case of theft

Activity 1: Safety of employees and customers

° Civil protection

Level 4

Lesson 1

° Continuous improvement

° Third party training

° Efficiency and productivity

Activity 1: Improvement at work

Lesson 2

° Exercises while standing

° Environmental care

Activity 1: Activating your health

° Take care of your health

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