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The Carlos Slim Foundation offers a FREE course to train you as a telephone representative – Teach me about Science

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We have all at some point used the customer service of a company, whether to make a complaint, congratulate, clarify doubts and many other activities, so we are probably well familiar with this service. It may even be that at some point you have worked as a telephone advisor or want to start working as one.

Always, in any job, it is necessary to be trained to offer the company and clients the best service and that of a telephone advisor cannot be the exception, since they act as a bridge between the company and its clients, so they must Be well prepared to meet customer needs.

These professionals are responsible for providing assistance and advice to clients through telephone calls. He is the one who responds to customer queries, complaints and requests in a timely manner, but it is not just about answering calls, since a telephone representative must know well the products and services of the company for which he works, so that in this way know how to offer correct solutions to the needs of each client, because they are all different.

You must know how to identify the needs of these clients, provide good treatment and express yourself appropriately. You can learn all of this through training like the one offered by the Carlos Slim Foundation through its platform Train yourself for employment. This course is free and online, you can study at your own pace thanks to its flexible schedule. It lasts 28 hours and through videos and other resources you will be able to learn everything this course offers you.

The course is made up of 4 levels, each with its respective lessons, which we will show you a little later.

Telephone Representative Course

Level 1

Lesson 1

° Work environment

° Hygiene and safety measures

° Workplace

° Safe work environment

° Basic work tools

° Work gymnastics

Lesson 2

° Qualities of oral expression

° How to express yourself correctly

° Dealing with the client

° Communication with the client

° Types of clients

° Identifying the types of clients

° Correct use of words

Level 2

Lesson 1

° Knowledge about the product or service

° Customer needs

° Customer service

° Call protocol

° Identifying needs

° Management of personal information

° Customer service process

Lesson 2

° Collection process

° Basic routes in collection

° Collections

° Adequate collection

° The 3 C's

Lesson 3


° Sales process

° Closing of sale

° Continuing with the sales process

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Level 3

Lesson 1

° Handling difficult situations and clients

° Handling of objections

° Dealing with difficult clients

° Proper management

Level 4

Lesson 1

° Virtual office assistant

° How to organize information

To access this course, you need to create an account on the Train yourself for employment platform. Once you have done so, you can start training whenever you see fit.

To register for the course, click on the link Telephone representative.

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