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The daily routine of dogs and cats


While walking around with Cedric I often come across a little dog that seems possessed. He barks like crazy even at the leaves, growls at everyone, looks around as if there was an ambush around every corner.

I’ll bet you anything that that poor canine can’t sleep well and that he destroys everything in his house that comes within reach. How do I know? These are all signs of a stressed and overstimulated dog.

I’ve seen many. Dogs, cats but also bunnies that suddenly change character, becoming more aggressive and nervous. Except it doesn’t really happen overnight.

When an animal changes its behavior it is because there are tensions that accumulate and at a certain point it can no longer manage its emotions. We think he’s going crazy but instead he’s showing his discomfort as best he can.

The solution is often simple. With a change of routine, the right mix of natural remedies and some lifestyle adjustments, cats and dogs can become sociable and happy again.

The importance of routines for animals

Each animal is different and we know it, but there is something that everyone needs to feel really good: balance.

For an animal, living in balance means having a stable routine that allows him to do within the right limits what he would do if he were free:

  • Eat and drink
  • Move and explore
  • To test
  • Sleep and rest
  • Socialize
  • Satisfy his instincts.

Many pets are stressed and have behavioral disorders because their human companions don’t really know their needs or can’t understand their signals.

They assume that if kitty and fido sleep all afternoon it’s because they’re bored and if they refuse food it’s because they’re being picky.

While behind that behavior there may be a simple physiological need, such as rest or the fact that he still has to digest the extra half ration that you secretly slipped him two hours earlier.

If kitty and trusty were free, their days would be more or less constant the same rhythm made up of hunting, rest, play, sleep, food. Routines are fundamental because they give a regular rhythm to the daysstability and sense of security.


The perfect routine for kitty and trusty

Don’t expect a table: the perfect daily routine for your four-legged friend depends on the species, age, health condition and even his preferences.

To create his daily routine, pay attention to these steps.

  • Regular meal times: if the cat and dog’s bowl fills up at different times, there is no stability. Without a mealtime routine, your friend may develop food-related disorders and anxiety.
  • Walking and physical activity: dogs, cats and other animals should always have space to move freely (even if they live in a cage) and some toys within reach of their paws to move and play. Fido’s walks must be regular, not too long if the dog is elderly and during the mildest hours of the day to avoid cold or heat stroke.
  • Mental stimuli: to be satisfied, your pet needs to play games and activities that stimulate its intelligence and allow it to express its nature. For example, stuffed mouse hunts for cats, mazes and puzzle boxes for hamsters and guinea pigs, treasure hunts for dogs.
  • Rest and tranquility. To feel good, cats and dogs need to rest much more than us. When your pet is resting, do not interrupt him by offering games and if there are children in the house, be careful not to disturb the sleeping dog or cat. If your friend suffers from insomnia, you can help him naturally with flower therapy, bioresonance or aromatherapy.
  • No games before bed. For an animal, going to sleep immediately after playing or returning from a wild run is not easy. Add a buffer period to your daily routine between the last walk or the last moment of playing together and the time to turn off the lights at home. You will help him to calm down, rest better and live more peacefully.

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