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The end of Apple as we know it is closer than ever

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The demand that no one understands

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The 88 pages that make up the lawsuit indicate that Apple has created a monopoly for various reasons, interrupting the development of large applications such as WeChat, because it has limitations when used on the iPhone. They also criticize the entity for the fact that the Watch is only compatible with an iPhone, forcing them to make an unnecessary purchase. You also don’t want it to limit its functions to messaging apps. Specifically, authorities say that if you have a conversation with an iPhone, the experience is more productive than if you have an Android in the app iMessage.

Third, the Wallet app is the only one you can make transactions with, and it’s not fair that you can’t pay with NFC or something other than Apple Pay. Lastly, although this is partially solved, it does not allow the presence of video game of streaming in the cloudan aspect that Microsoft has criticized for years, as it intentionally creates barriers and makes it not so easy to enter the ecosystem that Cupertino has created.

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Of all these demands, the only one that can truly represent a problem and it is true that it could exercise monopolistic practices, is that the Watch is completely dependent on the iPhone.

What are the repercussions that Apple will suffer?

How is this week going to affect Apple, if it loses? Let’s go back to the 90’swhen there was a dispute between the United States and Microsoft the great dominant of the computing industry.

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The main reason for the lawsuit was that Microsoft dominated the Internet by necessarily including Internet Explorer in its operating systems. The United States’ objective was to separate the company into two and, after a major dispute between both entities, they reached an agreement in which Microsoft agreed to let third-party companies include its software in Windows.

The government of the world’s leading power limited Microsoft’s ability to operate. In addition to this “liberalization,” a committee of experts had access to the entire Microsoft code for five years to ensure that they did not comply with monopolistic practices.

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The consequences do not lie so much in whether a company had to pay a million-dollar fine or not, since we are talking about corporations so powerful that the money It is always a secondary aspect. What is really important is that the decision changed the industry for always. Do you know which company benefited the most? Manzana. In fact, if the government had not allowed this release, the company with the bitten apple would not have been able to grow in the computer market.

The end of a business model

Apple knows that if it loses this lawsuit, it will affect its business. Not only financially, but it would damage the philosophy and soul of the company.

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Apple claims that there is no support for demand and the smartphone market is still very competitive. We really think you are right, since Apple has the 50% of the market share in the United Statess, but Android users there are in a ratio of 10 to 1.

The company affirms that, if the winner is the government, the entity will no longer “I could develop the products that people expect.” The entity is aware of the strategies it takes, all to develop the best possible ecosystem. If this interconnection is broken, what’s the point of buying an Apple product?

What will happen in the future

The lawsuit will take months or years to resolve and Apple will appeal at all times, leading to periods of greater distance from the Supreme Court of Justice and phases where agreements will be reached between both entities.

Personally and on a personal basis, you are going to have to change a series of issues and have to pay several millionaire fines and you probably have to Give way on some issues such as what Microsoft did in the 90s. What is truly important in this movement is that there is no no political affiliation and be the specialists with the legislation in hand, take the measures they have to take and allow technology companies to launch innovative products because it is the only way that society will have to grow and develop.

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