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The first Nintendo 3DS emulator is now available in the App Store

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Obviously other more powerful ones like the Play 5 are not viable, however, the legendary games from years ago that we all have in our minds are, and now we can do it with this app called FoliumYes, it has some drawbacks. We are going to review its functions and how to obtain it in seconds.

Nintendo 3DS emulator for iPhone

And this emulator will not only allow us to run games of the Nintendo 3DSbut also of the Nintendo DS normal, as well as Game Boy AdvancedTherefore, there will be thousands of titles that we can have on our iPhone without taking up much space, since these are not exactly very heavy.

It is true that for 3DS games you will have to have an iPhone 15 or at least a recent model, since they need a more powerful type of processor to be able to run them with good performance, however, we can enjoy the rest in more versions. old, as long as we have iOS 15 o superiorso you could even install it on an iPhone 6S.

iPhone Emulator

Also has controller compatibilityso it will be even more fun to add any that we have at home via Bluetooth and play as if it were a real console.

The only drawback of This app is not free, and we will have to pay for it. It has a price of 4.99 dollars or 5.99 euros, which although it is not high for the hours of play it will provide us, we do think that a few days of testing would be better, since many of us have not tried an emulator yet on our iPhone and We don't know the feeling and performance it will have.

Inside it we will have a library where we can search for the game I wish we had already included, yes, in this case completely free, we will not be asked for anything to include titles within the emulator itself, which we will have to enter on our own, although there are thousands of pages where we will find them in seconds.


For now There is no iPad version.However, and since it is new, we are sure that soon we will have that application also available on this device, since it has, and especially the latest models, more than enough power to run everything better even than an iPhone .

And you, are you going to try this emulator? Do you have any pending video games from your old console that you would like to revive and play again but now from your iPhone, with a better screen quality? Leave us a comment with that game that you will download again and what you think of the emulator, as well as its price. Is it worth it or not?

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