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The foolproof method to make your car cool without having to use the air conditioning – Teach me about Science

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The means of transport are an excellent option to be able to reach our destination as soon as possible. They are ideal when it is cold, since you feel comfortable, or when it is raining they cover you well to avoid getting wet, but when it is hot, the situation can get not so pleasant, since it is much better to be outside than to stay inside our vehicle. But in this situation, there is a way to have the coolest time inside our car without the need to use the air conditioning and here at EDC you will find out how to achieve it.

It's hotter inside the car than outside.

On hot days, it has often happened to us that we think we will be cooler inside a car than outside of it, but this is rarely true.

When we park our car and there is no shade, you leave it closed and without any ventilation, the temperature inside increases exponentially and this happens in a short time. It only takes 45 minutes for the temperature inside to rise by about 20 degrees; after two and a half hours the temperature is 88 percent higher than what it is outside, for example, if it is 40 degrees outside. (as the Weather Forecast has been marked) inside the car there may be areas of approximately 70 degrees.

A really worrying situation, since, if it is necessary to occupy your vehicle, this temperature can cause health problems, in addition to the fact that it will surely make you bad and we all know that a bad mood and driving do not get along at all.

With all these situations and for your comfort, we want to show you a way in which you can cool the interior of your car without having to turn on the air conditioning. So that when you have to use it, whether on the highway or after having parked it, the interior temperature becomes more pleasant and you can enjoy your trip, take note of the following information.

How to cool the car without air conditioning?

According to Mazda, the cooling system is responsible for cooling, purifying and filtering the air inside cars. Therefore, during hot seasons it is essential to keep it in good condition, as it is an excellent option to regulate internal temperature, control humidity and eliminate polluting agents.

The big problem with this system is that fuel costs increase, because depending on the model, the fuel that the cooling system can use ranges from 4% to 6% of the fuel available in your car.

Therefore, so that you do not have to use this function, what you can do is the following:

° Open the car windows before you start driving, and leave the rest closed. If you cannot lower the window completely, you can leave a slight crack, as it is important for air to circulate inside your vehicle.

° You can open the driver's door, while it is clear, and let the interior of the car begin to ventilate.

° You can use sunshades to reduce the interior temperature.

° Prevent the steering wheel and dashboard from getting hot, as it may be impossible for you to touch them.

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You can perform these methods when the car is parked or not, it's all a matter of whether doing this is within your capabilities. Try to do it in a constant and safe way, so that you avoid having a bad trip on your trip or worse, heat stroke.

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