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The Hubble telescope captures an impressive image of cosmic lights in space – Teach me about Science

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The shocking images captured by the space telescope.

These are the shocking images left by the Hubble space telescope on its way through space. It was named in honor of the astronomer Edwin Hubble, an American who marked a before and after in astronomy, as he demonstrated the existence of other galaxies, in his acclaimed Hubble's law.

It is a renowned telescope launched by the European Space Agency and NASA on April 24, 1990. It stands out above the rest, because at the time it had the greatest angular optical resolution capacity and was (still is) the clear example of NASA's improvement in design and technology.

This incredible telescope has allowed us to understand the universe, constantly marvel at astronomical phenomena, motivate people to be great observers, seek to understand astronomy and the natural laws of the universe. Among his retaken photographs we can find “The Pillars of Creation,” a wonderful astronomical event from a small part of the Eagle Nebula, which is located at a distance of 6,500 light years.

Thanks to this space telescope we can understand historical events, for example, the planets, their atmosphere, other stars, dark energy, Earth's orbits and many other things that the Cosmos has offered us.

What was it that the Hubble Space Telescope captured that shocked everyone?

The Hubble space telescope has the necessary characteristics to be able to fulfill its mission perfectly and this time it has been no exception, as it has provided spectacular images of impressive cosmic lights in space.

Before revealing the shocking images and telling you what this unbeatable event is about, we would like to inform you that you can enjoy this fantastic space telescope in 3D from Google, you only need to search for “Hubble Space Telescope”, it is also interactive because it has the function you can “See in your space”, that is, you can see it in scale size in your room, school or work.

In a small region of the Milky Way, 450 light years away, the Hubble Space Telescope has captured stellar jets emerging from a newly formed star, located in a massive star formation, known as IRAS 16562 – 3959, between the constellations of Taurus and Auriga.

He FS Tau-B It is a set of dark molecular clouds, a protostar that projects quite a spectacle. According to experts, it is possible that it will become a young variable star fueled by hydrogen, something like the Sun. Protostars expel streams of energized material, (which you can see visible in blue in the following image) this phenomenon is called known as jets.

This region has become an object of attraction for astronomy lovers, since it is not known what will happen to the star system FS Number that provides extraordinary astronomical phenomena.

FS Tau-B is a collection of dark molecular clouds. Hubble.
The shocking images captured by the space telescope.

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