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The lifestyle for cats and dogs


Did you know that even cats and dogs can suffer from a bad lifestyle? Just like what happens to us, too frenetic a pace and bad habits can cause emotional problems, illnesses and disorders in pets.

To feel good, healthy and satisfied, your friend must be free to express himself and follow a rhythm that is as natural as possible. Let’s see how you can help the little dog or kitten at home live in balance.

The lifestyle of cat and dog

We often talk about dogs and cats as if they were the same thing but there are many differences between the two.

  • Dogs are diurnal: they wake up with the first light of the sun and rest in the dark. Cats, on the other hand, are crepuscular: they are most active at dawn and dusk.
  • Dogs are pack animals with a strong social instinct. Cats, on the other hand, are solitary or at most live in small family groups.
  • Dogs communicate with their peers mainly through sound and body language. Cats, on the other hand, rely much more on smells.
  • Dogs and cats have different sensitivity to specific diseases. For example, dogs suffer much more often from skin irritations while cats are more susceptible to viral infections.
  • Dogs and cats have different habits relating to hunting, physical activity, rest and nutrition.

The lifestyle of dogs and cats also changes with the seasons. The coat changes, the needs for food and nutrients, the rhythms of going out and walking, …

Then of course every animal is different and has specific needs at each stage of life. Age, physical characteristics and health problems, character and emotionality influence the ideal lifestyle of your four-legged friend.

Learn to know his rhythms, listen to his needs and help him express his nature it’s the best thing you can do to give him a peaceful and healthy life.

Rest as a source of well-being

One aspect that we humans pay little attention to is the rest of our animal friends. Sleeping adequately, i.e. resting well and for a sufficient amount of time, is also essential for them:

  • Consolidates memory and learning
  • Stimulates the body’s immune function
  • Stabilizes mood and reduces aggression
  • It promotes normal psycho-physical development
  • Stimulates the purification of the organism
  • Reduces stress.

Several studies have highlighted that the lack of sleep in puppies it leads to delays and blocks in physical development and increases the risk of behavioral problems. In adult dogs and cats, insufficient quality of sleep can cause early cognitive declinesyndromes da stress e social disordersdifficulty recovering from operations or illnesses.

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