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The list of important procedures that you can do with your e.firma and how to request it – Enséñame de Ciencia

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The e.signature, or electronic signature, emerged in the 90s as an alternative to the handwritten signature in the digital sphere. Its objective was to provide greater security and agility to electronic transactions. In Mexicothe e.signature was implemented for the first time in the year 2000 for him SAT (Tax Administration Service) as part of the public administration modernization program. Since then, its use has spread to other areas such as the financial sector, electronic commerce and government in general.

Nowadays, transactions become increasingly digital, and the SAT has not been left behind at all. To facilitate the procedures and provide greater security to taxpayershas implemented the e.signaturea type of electronic signature that identifies you and allows you to carry out various procedures in line.

What is the SAT e-signature?

Is a business autograph, but in digital format. within the operation modules they give you an encrypted file such as a set of data that identifies you in a way only and secure in the portal of the SAT. It's like you DAYS but digitally, which allows you to carry out procedures such as presenting your declaration Yearly. The process is free and is carried out in person at the SAT offices. It is important that you schedule an appointment in advance on the portal.

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List of procedures that you can carry out with your e.firma

In the public sector

  • SAT: Declare taxes, submit notices, invoice electronically, check your tax situation, etc.
  • IMSS: Register for Social Security, register or cancel workers, check your work history, etc.
  • Infonavit: Request a mortgage loan, check your balance and movements, make payments, etc.
  • Federal government: Process CURP, RFC, passport, driver's license, etc.

In the private sector

  • Banks: Make transfers, pay for services, open accounts, request credits, etc.
  • Outside: Check your balance and movements, make transfers, etc.
  • Stock exchanges: Invest in stocks, consult financial information, etc.
  • Companies: Sign contracts, send documents, carry out administrative procedures, etc.

In addition to the procedures mentioned above, your e.firma also allows you

  • Sign electronic documents with the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.
  • Access online services securely and authenticated.
  • Carry out procedures faster and easierwithout having to go to government offices or companies.


  • Email
  • New removable memory drive
  • Valid official identification
  • Proof of address

What happens if your e.signature expires?

If your e.sign already expired, Don't worry. Can renew it in two ways, online and on the portal of the SAT or in the SAT ID application, First of all you have to access the application Certifies and select the option “e.signature renewal requirement”. Have your file at hand.key.cer and the password of the private key. For the second way, enter your RFC, email and password, record a video saying a phrase that the portal tell you. Upload your .key, .cer file, key password private and the file Generation Requirement of the Certifica program.

The e.signature has a validity 4 years old, keep your data updated on the SAT. If you have questions or problems with your e.firma, you can consult the SAT portal or go to a taxpayer service office.At e.firma del SAT It is an essential tool for any taxpayer who wants to carry out their tax procedures quickly, safely and efficiently. Don't be left behind and get yours today. You should be careful not to share the password with anyone and change it regularly, store it in a safe place such as a USB device or an encrypted external hard drive. Avoid programs that may contain malware that steals the e.signature.

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