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The Mac boy goes to the dark side in the new ad against Apple laptops

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In the world of technology, advertising strategies and marketing campaigns play a crucial role in how we perceive and adopt new innovations. Over the years, we have seen iconic campaigns that not only promote products, but also capture the public's imagination and become part of the culture.

In a surprising publicity move, Qualcomm has hired Justin Long, the iconic “Mac boy” from Apple commercials, to promote Windows computers on Arm. During the Computex 2024 conference, Long appeared in a short, funny 30-second video in which he is bombarded by macOS notifications and warning messages, prompting him to search for a Snapdragon-powered PC to replace it.

Get a Mac: ridiculizando los PC

Almost 20 years ago, Justin Long starred in the Apple Get a Mac ads, where he played the friendly “Mac guy” who ridiculed the “PC guy”, played by John Hodgman. In those ads, Long highlighted the advantages of the Mac over the disadvantages of PCs, such as virus and spyware problems, lack of creative tools, and focus on boring jobs.

In Qualcomm's new ad, Long breaks the fourth wall and jokes that “things change” while searching for a Windows PC on Arm after being overwhelmed by the annoying notifications of macOS. Warnings include app compatibility issues, low disk space, and battery issues, among others.

Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, presented the video during the final moments of the “PC Renaissance” conference. Amon closed the event by stating that “yes, things change. “Things really change,” referring to the technological evolution and competitive in the market.

Qualcomm and Microsoft have been striving for years to compete with the MacBook Air, showing performance and battery life tests that demonstrate confidence in the latest transition to Windows on Arm. The new Copilot Plus PCs, equipped with Qualcomm's Snapdragon X Elite chips, will launch on June 18.

New chapter between Macs and PCs

This announcement comes just a few years after Intel briefly hired Justin Long in 2021 to create new ads praising PCs and mocking Apple. Those Intel ads criticized Apple's Touch Bar, the lack of support for multiple monitors, and the color options of the M1-powered MacBook. The Intel ads were a response to Apple's decision to move away from Intel processors in its hardware, when Apple had John Hodgman reprise his role as the “PC guy” for boast performance and battery life of the M1.

In this way, a new chapter is marked in the eternal battle between Mac and PC. The hiring of Justin Long is a smart strategy to attract attention and generate discussion around Windows PCs on Arm. Nostalgia plays an important role, as many users remember the iconic Get a Mac commercials and now see Long on the opposite side, promoting direct competition from Apple.

The technology market is constantly changing and the competition between Apple, Qualcomm and Microsoft promises continuous innovations and improvements for consumers. The arrival of the new Copilot Plus devices with Snapdragon It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to this move and whether it will bring back any of its iconic characters in future advertising campaigns.

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