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The new iPad Pro leaves the Macs behind in terms of performance

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With the new iPad Pro with M4 chip, recently launched, Apple has raised the processor power of its new tablets to an unparalleled level, with the most powerful chip created by the Californian company to date. The new generation of iPad Pro has proven in performance tests to be faster than many Macs, even those with the powerful M3 Max chip.

In these comparisons, we use test of performance that measure the performance capacity of chips in different scenarios. The most common tests, such as those on the Geekbench platform, evaluate both single-core and multi-core performance. The iPad Pro with the M4 chip has surprised by obtaining a score of 3,630 in single-core tests, surpassing the 16-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Max, which achieved 3,131 points.

Apple's M4 chip surpasses the M3 Max

The exceptional performance of the iPad Pro is due in part to the advanced architecture of its chips. Modern processors, such as Apple's M series, combine performance cores and efficiency cores. This combination allows the user to handle demanding tasks quickly while optimizing power consumption. Performance cores handle more intensive tasks, while efficiency cores handle less demanding activities, extending battery life.

Although the iPad Pro with the M4 chip leads in single-core tests, the situation changes in multi-core tests. In this regard, the Mac Studio with M2 Ultra, which has 24 cores, remains the leader, achieving a score of 21,329 in multi-core tests, compared to 13,060 for the iPad Pro. These are values ​​that almost double those obtained by the new iPad.

iPad Pro

Another piece of good news is that the M4 chip in the iPad Pro is just the beginning. Apple is expected to release more powerful versions, such as the M4 Pro and the M4 Max, which could include more cores and improve performance even further. The possible introduction of an M4 Ultra could also be a game-changer, further cementing Apple's position in the high-speed technology space.

The iPad Pro will be the new Mac in the future

The iPad Pro's ability to outperform some Macs in single-core performance highlights the impressive progress from apple in chip technology. These developments not only improve the speed and efficiency of mobile devices, but also offer an exciting glimpse into the future of personal computing.

MacBook m3 pro m3 max

With the continuous evolution of its chips, the Californian company is positioning itself as a leader in the industry, offering devices that make power and performance their best weapons.

The iPad Pro's ability to outperform some Macs reflects Apple's impressive advancements in its processor technology. With future releases of more powerful versions like the M4 Pro and M4 Max, Apple continues to lead in innovation, offering devices that combine power and efficiency in an extraordinary way. The future of personal computing promises to be even more exciting.

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