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The nostalgic meaning of SAMSUNG in Spanish and what it did before selling cell phones – Enséñame de Ciencia

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I bet a lot if they say “Samsung” surely associates 3 things: cell phones, televisions or any other household appliance. While many in Mexico and around the world instantly recognize the brand and its iconic logofew know the rich history and meaning behind this technology giant.

Samsung, which in Korean translates as «three stars“, It was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-chula visionary who began his career as a fish seller and fruits. He imagined that his company would shine so brightly like three stars in the night sky, symbolizing greatness, strength and durability (hence the name we currently know). Over the years, Samsung has proven be exactly that and much more.

The history of Samsung is an inspiring story of innovation, adaptability and vision for the future for its CEO. Starting as a modthis agricultural products export companys, the company expanded rapidly after World War II, diversifying its operations into sectors so varied such as textiles, sugar, and insurance.

But it was in the decade of 1960 when Samsung made a decisive turn towards electronics, introducing radios and televisions in blanco y negro that revolutionized the people of his time. This foray into electronics marked the beginning of Samsung's transformation into a global leader in technology y electronics of consumption how we know now.

One of the great and most significant achievements in the history of Samsung was the launch of his first mobile phone, SH-700more or less around 1994. This was just the beginning of a series of innovations and great adaptations that led the company to develop a wide range of smartphonesincluding those already so well known to people: the models of the series Galaxy. Just speaking of that, the word “Galaxy” not only refers to a product linebut also to its creator's vision of making an ecosystem of interconnected devices that work harmoniously.

Under the leadership of Lee Byung-chul and later his son, Lee Kun-hee, Samsung became a global empire with a presence in more from 70 countries. With a workforce of more of 300,000 employees and generating billions of dollars in revenue each year, Samsung has established itself as one of the major players in the world of technologyspecifically in the business of the mobiles.

First building of Samsung Sanghoe in Daegu. SOURCE: Wikipedia

But not everything is Hunky-dory, Well, Lee Byung-chul, although he was a visionary businessman, was also faced criticism for his leadership style authoritarian and practical anti-competitive. Despite this, his legacy is undeniable, both in the business field and also in the philanthropic fieldpeak, with the creation of the Samsung Foundation dedicated to education, culture and the development social in your country.

Lee Kun-hee, For his part, he continued his father's legacy at the head of Samsung, propelling the company into new frontiers and sectors, such as the biopharmaceutical industry and renewable energy. Your viewion and leadership have contributed significantly to consolidating Samsung's position cas a global technology giant.

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