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the rules for their well-being



Every animal needs feed in a way suited to its species characteristics, age and health conditions.

Obesity is very common in pets. Plump animals become meme stars and can be cute but they have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, bone and joint problems, kidney or liver problems.

Homemade and natural nutrition is always the best option. It requires a little more effort on your part but it ensures that the cat, fido and bunny’s bowl has everything they need and in the right proportions. You can also save time in the kitchen by using leftovers but only the right ones.

For pets’ diet, no DIY. The feeding regime must be established by the vet based on the needs of your four-legged friend.


In nature, animals regulate themselves. They play, interact with others and rest when they need it.

Pets do not have this freedom. To help them feel good, create some for them stable routines in which you alternate physical activity and restwhich for them is a form of regenerative therapy.

In addition to the movement of the paws, it is important for animals get your head going, test yourself and learn new things. Providing your friend with mentally stimulating activities helps stabilize their mood and has a protective effect on their cognitive abilities.

Natural wellness for pets

Sometimes we do everything it takes to ensure our 4-legged friend lives happily with us but something doesn’t work anyway.

Illnesses and disorders will always be there, just as it can happen that cats have fears and anxieties, difficulty socializing or even that conflicts arise because we have not correctly interpreted their signals or needs.

There is a solution to everything and in Nature you can find a precious ally for the well-being of your faithful companions. Animal naturopathy uses gentle practices and natural remedies that can help cats and dogs to:

  • Prevent physical and emotional disorders
  • Recover more quickly from illness or surgery
  • Rebalance your lifestyle to promote health
  • Rediscover serenity by dissolving negative emotions
  • Be more confident in relationships with other animals and people
  • Overcoming fears and traumas.

If your 4-legged friend is unwell, behaving strangely or showing other signs of discomfort, discover my naturopathic consultations for animals and what we can do to help him regain balance.

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