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The trick to activate the secret WhatsApp function that Meta doesn't want you to know – Teach me about Science

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How to activate the secret WhatsApp button

This is Meta's best kept secret. WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging application, it is one of the most used in different countries due to its effectiveness and the speed with which it is developed. It was launched in 2009 and since then it has remained at its best due to its multiple updates, support, communication and development that it constantly offers, in addition to the fact that it is available for different distributors such as Android and iOS. It is worth mentioning that this program was developed by Meta Platforms Inc. by the author Jan Koum, that is, it is owned by Facebook.

This wonderful application can be downloaded completely free from its official website or from the Play Store. You can send messages, stickers, videos, audios, documents, locations, links and other functions that perfect this application. It is common for you to receive messages constantly, but sometimes you have to keep your cell phone in discreet mode. That is why we present an effective trick to activate the secret WhatsApp button so that no one bothers you on these holidays, you do not have to install a third-party application, you can achieve it with your phone number.

This application is useful for all people, regardless of age, and is private, which gives it a plus point above its competitors. But if at some point you need no one to bother you, but you don't want to put your cell phone in airplane mode or silence it completely, here we leave you a trick so that you can pause WhatsApp until when you want it. You don't need third-party applications or anything like that, you can get everything from the same application in simple steps.

How to deactivate WhatsApp for hours?

Since this option is not airplane mode, you do not have to disconnect from the Internet or Wi-Fi.

In the notification bar you receive your messages, you must choose one of them and press it. Subsequently, a menu is displayed, among the last icons you can find the options “reply”, “mark as read”, “mute”, “restrict”, “snooze” and “more”.

Select the “Snooze” option, which is marked with a clock icon, select the amount of time you need WhatsApp to silence, which ranges from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

This will allow you to not be notified or disturbed when you receive a text message. You can deactivate it on your own or it will be deactivated after the selected time.

How to activate the secret WhatsApp button

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