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The University of Paris launches a 100% online and free French course for you – Teach me about Science

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For many people, traveling to France and communicating in their official language is a goal they want to achieve in their lives, whether for tourism, work or academic purposes, mastering the language of the country we visit is a very good thing to introduce ourselves to the culture, manners and worldview of a population.

Likewise, learning French is important because several countries have adopted it as their official language, in addition, several companies of global importance are of French origin and the information on their products is written in the same language, the same happens with various scientific publications and technological.

This language is recognized as the language of love and we can find it in a large number of areas ranging from gastronomy, cinema, science, medicine, technology, fashion, art and more areas. If you are interested in learning it, here we share a very good course that will allow you to do it for free, the best of all is that it is taught by a highly prestigious university.

About the course

This training is located on the prestigious Coursera learning platform, it is taught by the Polytechnic University of Paris, it appears under the name “Studying in France: intermediate French course B1-B2”, To date it has a total of 578,432 enrolled students, who have rated it with a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, making it one of the best courses for learning the French language.

This training is characterized by being 100% online, it has a flexible schedule that you can adapt to your study or work schedules and you can advance at your own pace. This course requires an investment of 46 hours to complete, the instructors suggest a total time of 3 weeks dedicating at least 15 hours per week.

Registration for the course: to access this training you only have to enter the DIRECT LINK, Fill out the form with your data and start learning.

Course syllabus

This training It is divided into 6 modules or blocks, which must be covered in their entirety by the students to acquire the knowledge and skills that have been proposed by the trainers. Below, we share the course syllabus, which includes a brief description of its content:

French course interface, credits to Coursera

Distribution of the syllabus

Week 1 Arrival in France: During this first week you will live a first experience: arriving in France! The objective is, therefore, cultural (discover France and the French) and intercultural (understand what expatriation means), but also… linguistic. You will be able to review an important tense from the past (the past tense) and thus improve your mastery of past participle agreement.

Week 2 Adaptation to life in France: During this week you will begin to discover France and its capital, Paris. Regarding language, we will see two other tenses of the past: the imperfect and the pluperfect. But you will also have to adapt to everyday life in France and find accommodation.

Week 3 Become a French student: This week we will introduce you to the French university system, present and past, through different extracts from novels and films. You will also learn the vocabulary necessary for your enrollment and your adaptation to university life. And like every week, we will also work on pronunciation with nasal exercises

Week 4 Attend a class: This week you can deepen your knowledge of the student world by attending a course. Thanks to the short course videos, you will be able to see for the first time how a course in France takes place. We will also give you some methodological tips to be successful at university.

Week 5 Communicate and integrate: This week aims to give you some keys to integrate in France as quickly as possible. You will learn to know France better and its cultural and political specificities (symbols, flag, secularism, regional accents, etc.).

Week 6 Living in France: This week you will discover the life in France as seen by foreign students and other expats. You will also be able to gain a new insight into everyday life in France through the topic of gastronomy and health.

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