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These alternatives have saved my life when AirDrop hasn't worked for me

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AirDrop is one of the free and differential functions that Cupertino products have, and where the symbiosis that occurs between hardware and software is observed and evident. Thanks to this feature, you can send photos, videos and files to your Apple devices and even your friends. We could say that it is an application whose importance no one values ​​until it is really necessary. However, there are times when, due to multiple circumstances, the application does not work correctly. What alternatives can we use? Let's see it below.

Before iOS 17.1 and macOS Sonoma, to send via AirDrop, terminals had to be close enough and not lose connection during the transfer period. However, with updated software versions, AirDrop has recently gained the ability to continue a transfer even if the parties are separated. Of course, all participants must have an active iCloud account.

Alternatives to AirDrop

If for some reason AirDrop does not work, we are going to see some free alternatives that can get you out of trouble.

Transfer by email

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If the files you want are not large in size, such as a set of photographs or even a PDF file, you can create a folder in the Files application available on iPhone or iPad and move the files to it. If you want to send the files from your Mac, you can create a folder locally on your desktop.

Once the files are selected, right click and choose the Compress option. Next, a file is created .Zip and you can send it by email without space problems.

Transfer via iCloud

Sign in to iCloud

If the email file exceeds the maximum allowed, you can send the file through iCloud Drive on your Mac, and create a folder with the recipient's name and the items you want to transfer in it.

Once you've created the folder, you can right-click or press the control key on Mac; on your iPhone or iPad, select the option “Share”.

In iCloudlet's add to a series of “collaborators”, which are those users who will have access to the folder, but not other iCloud files. So that we understand each other more quickly, it is like creating a shared folder in Google Drive.

Once you have completed the download process, you can choose to leave of share the file o eliminate to participants at any time, so as not to take up space and maintain your privacy.

Transfer via third-party cloud

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If email or iCloud are not enough, fortunately there are a series of third-party tools on the market that allow us to send files from one point to another. In this sense, services such as Dropbox, Sync, WeTransfer o el propio Google Drive They offer cloud storage for free.

In this sense, we cannot establish a procedure for sending files, since each of them works and is executed differently. However, in all of them it is necessary to create a folder with the content and the email of the user to whom we are going to send the email.

In short, these are just some of the most interesting solutions to send files in case AirDrop does not work temporarily.

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