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Apple has just announced the new version of its operating system, iOS 18, which will arrive on our iPhones in September. This update proposes a complete renovation of the menus of our terminals, as we know them to date. In addition, new functions thanks to Artificial Intelligence have also been presented. Keep reading and discover all the news.

New control center and customizable menus

One of the strong points of iOS 18 is the possibility that Apple has introduced to customize the screen of our mobile devices. Now, we can change icon color of Apple's native applications, as well as redesigning the apps screen. We will no longer have to place all the applications in a grid, but now we can distribute them as we wish, leaving empty areas, including new widgets, placing a row of apps in the center of the screen, and much more.

ios 18 control center

The new control center allows adjust button size, add new widgets, configure the size of what we want to see on the screen and switch between different control centers. For example, a first control center dedicated to main functions such as brightness, sound or calculator, and other secondary ones with functions that are used less frequently.

In addition, Apple gives us the possibility of changing the base color of our iPhone screens. For example, now we can set a monochrome theme to our iPhone, which will leave the screen and application icons in the same color, such as blue, green, red, etc.

ios 18 colors

Application Redesign

Apple's native apps have been redesigned. For example, photos, you will now have filters to make smart searches and faster. Mail also undergoes a redesign, including buttons to filter and classify received emails, as well as the ability to gather all emails from the same sender in the same thread. For example, on a trip, you will see all emails related to reservations, flights, or museum tickets in the same trip thread.

iMessage will include new reactions to messages, as well as the ability to write messages with effects, such as vibrating, bouncing, or larger words. Likewise, we can schedule messages to send at another time.

ios 18

We can also block certain applications and access them only through Face ID, for those times when we lend our terminal. Another expected feature comes from Wallet, with which we can send money, through a transfer, from one iPhone to another, as if it were sending a file via AirDrop. Reminders have been integrated into the Calendar application, another of the things that users have been asking for so much.

ios 18

On the other hand, it remains to be seen how the Californian company is going to introduce Artificial Intelligence specifically in iOS 18, although its use will be extended to each and every one of Apple's operating systems.

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