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These are the new features and hidden tricks that Apple did not show

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Tim Cook's team delighted fans during the almost two-hour event, where the news of each operating system was briefly touched on to focus all attention on Apple Intelligence, Apple's new Artificial Intelligence. Therefore, in addition to the article we published yesterday detailing all the new features of iOS 18, we now share the tricks and hidden features that Apple did not reveal, but that are also important, such as battery management.

New animation and renewed flashlight

Now, when we press the volume up or down button, as well as the terminal lock button, a new animation It emerges from the black frames, creating a kind of wave of black pixels that enters the screen, depending on which button we press, highlighting said action.

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1/ bezel interaction details slightly enter when pressing the volume button

June 12, 2024 • 00:30

The flashlight has been redesigned, and on iPhones that have Dynamic Island, a kind of animation now appears on said element that allows us to regulate the intensity of the light, as well as adjust its width to our liking, according to the needs lights of the moment.

iOS 18 – Torch 🔦

June 12, 2024 • 00:30

Change buttons on lock screen

With iOS 18, you can finally customize buttons which by default are, on the lock screen, set as flashlight and camera.

Changing the preset buttons on the iPhone lock screen is incredibly useful. It allows customize quick access to the applications and functions you use most, saving time and improving daily efficiency. In addition, it provides a personal and exclusive touch to your device, adapting to your needs and preferences. This feature maximizes convenience and makes your iPhone feel more intuitive and tailored to your lifestyle. An essential improvement for any user!

Currency converter and other settings

The iOS 18 calculator now allows us to make currency conversions, saving us the tedious process of having to search for said conversion on Google or download third-party applications to carry out this task. It facilitates real-time financial transactions and calculations, especially when traveling or making international purchases, saving time and improving accuracy in money management.

ios 18 beta

In addition, Apple has added and will continue to add more options when it comes to customizing and adjusting our terminals. For now, a new option that allows set smart charging of our iPhone, being able to limit the battery supply by reaching 5 different percentage options: 80%, 85%, 90%, 95% and 100%.

Charge limit in iOS 18

June 12, 2024 • 00:30

iPhone Smart Charging is an innovative feature designed to optimize battery life. It allows you to adjust the maximum load level, generally up to 80%, avoiding wear associated with constant full loads. This technology adapts to your usage patterns, charging to 100% only when it anticipates you will need it. By reducing stress on the battery, it prolongs its performance and life, offering a more efficient and sustainable experience for iPhone users.

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