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These are the prefixes of the calls and messages that you should NOT ANSWER – Teach me about Science

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Have you recently received calls from phone numbers that start with the number '27'? Then pay attention to what we will tell you below.

Nowadays, having a cell phone is more a matter of prevention than luxury, it is about having access to communication with people such as family, friends or even co-workers, in this way we will be aware of any situation that arises with who we do not have physically at our side at that moment.

Since the arrival of cell phones until today, they have gone through various updates and modifications in terms of appearance and functions.

From just making calls, sending messages and using the most basic games, to being able to make video calls, share location, listen to music, watch videos, among other functions that have been added over the years, and that, without a doubt, They have fit us like a glove.”

Just as its use has benefited us, it has also put us in situations that compromise our security, such is the case of scams, an issue that has become very present, unfortunately.

While it turns out to be true that, with today's technology, the risk of being scammed or prone to data theft is somewhat difficult, cybercriminals continue to find ways to achieve their goal.

Due to the above, and due to situations that have arisen recently, the community is urged to be especially careful with calls from unknown numbers or external addresses, especially if they are numbers that begin with the prefix '27' .

On the other hand, you should also be attentive to WhatsApp messages that may arrive, as they may also try to communicate with you through this application, and the way they operate is by offering you offers or prizes so that you respond to said message.

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Whether you answer calls with that prefix or another strange one, or respond to messages or access links sent to you, your phone number and personal information will be at risk of being compromised.

The Civil Guard of Spain has issued an alert about the prefixes 355, 225, 233 and 234, as it is said that the scam consists of the person making calls to numbers they find and the recipient of the call (you) <>.

Therefore, you must take both these prefixes and '27' into account, in order to prevent you from being a victim of information theft or other situations that harm you or your finances.

Do not answer if you receive calls from numbers with these prefixes, unless it is someone you already know, obviously.

Last but not least, do not pay attention to messages that seem strange to you or that are offering you a service that you did not request.

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