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They were the most underrated films at the time, but they are currently the most viewed on Netflix – Enséñame de Ciencia

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The world of cinema is fantastic, as it allows us to travel to worlds and times different from our reality, even in universes that we had never imagined. It's amazing how after watching a good movie it transforms us and we can learn new things, live new experiences and travel far without leaving our place.

There are many movies that we can watch and enjoy from the comfort of our homes thanks to streaming services such as Claro Video, Paramount, Prime Video (from Amazon), HBO (now Max) and Netflix. Each of these has a cost based on the video quality, the number of devices and users it can accept, in addition to the catalog of movies and series it contains in its catalog.

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Sometimes films do not get the recognition and preference they deserve, as their appreciation may be reduced due to their release overlapping with that of another more anticipated film, due to the title, lack of good publicity or due to bad publicity. However, with the passage of time and thanks to the different analyses, summaries and coentries, they can position themselves and occupy the first places in streaming apps. Today we share with you 10 movies that were not appreciated in their time, but now they are the best and most viewed on Netflix, they are at the top and are worth taking a look at.

The tastes in Mexico are unique, and that is reflected in the ranking of the films most viewed on Netflix. Let yourself be surprised by stories of love, adventure, comedy and action that have conquered the Mexican public. Below, we share 10 movies that are in the top and are very popular:

1 An Irish wish: Maddie searches for true love and, thanks to a magical rock, her destiny is unexpectedly transformed.

2 Damsel: A wedding becomes a fight for survival when the young woman is offered as a sacrifice to a dragon.

3 The Grinchh: The Christmas classic where the Grinch tries to steal Christmas, but encounters the kindness of Cindy-Lou.

4 A romantic thief: An Interpol agent faces a dilemma when she discovers that the thief she is looking for is her ex-lover.

5 Cat and Dog: Two animals, a cat and a dog, become bitter enemies in a fight for supremacy.

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6 Plan B: A woman decides to be a single mother, but meets the man of her dreams right after artificial insemination.

7 Crane 3. I rude favorite: Gru faces a new villain and the unexpected appearance of his twin brother Dru.

8 The astronaut: An astronaut on a space mission discovers problems in his marriage and receives help from a mysterious creature.

9 Why did I get married?: A group of friends get together and infidelities and secrets threaten to destroy their relationships.

10 Fifty Shades Freed: Christian and Anastasia live their romance full of luxury, but new threats put their happiness at risk.

Get out of the routine and check out these excellent films which are the favorites of the Mexican public. Remember that some titles may be repeated because they are different episodes, seasons or installments. Some descriptions may not be available because the platform does not provide them accurately.

We wish you a great week and enjoy new stories.

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