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This is how Apple reinvented the world of advertising

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It's not an open secret by any means: Apple has left an indelible mark in the world of technology and innovation. He has not done it only for his revolutionary products, but also for his unique and distinctive approach in publicity. From its iconic “1984” ads to the famous “Get a Mac” series, the Californian company has captivated all audiences with commercials that They redefined the advertising landscapethanks to a vibrant combination of creative ingenuity, powerful storytelling and a user-centric approach.

Apple has become a advertising reference, no doubts. Part of this success takes us back to the 2000s, with a series of advertisements that the Cupertino company launched to promote its products, and which eventually became an acclaimed part of pop culture. The commercials Get a Mac They were starred by two characters who They gave life to a Mac and a PC and they managed to seduce an audience that remembers them with nostalgia and that endure as one of the iconic moments of advertising and technology.

Origins and impact

The concept of Get a Mac ads was born in the creative mind of advertising agency TBWAMedia Arts Lab, which collaborated closely with Apple in its development. The idea was personify the two rival operating systemsmacOS and Windows, in the form of people to highlight the differences between them in a fun and memorable way.

In these ads, Justin Long played Apple's Mac, while John Hodgman played the PC. The Mac was represented as young and modern, while the Windows team had a more formal and polite attitude. Through humor, Apple highlighted the advantages of using a Mac over a Windows PC of a ingenious way and totally innovative.

The Get a Mac initiative didn't just succeed effective at advertising level, but they also managed to make their dialogues penetrate popular culture, thanks to some comic situations that went viral on the internet. People shared the videos and the media gave their opinion about some advertisements that They marked a before and after in advertising and that elevated Apple to the Olympus from which it will hardly be made to fall.

Secrets and legacy

Behind these apparently simplistic advertisements, the most curious details are hidden, such as the meticulous selection of the actors or the improvisations that occurred during them. Furthermore, each advertisement involved delicate planning and execution work behind it.

Although the series of ads came to an end in 2009, their legacy lives on to this day, as they helped boost sales of the now so sought-after Macs and gave Apple an identity and strength without equal. Furthermore, they left an indelible mark on the history of advertisingdemonstrating the power of storytelling to connect with audiences.

Not only was Get a Mac a successful advertising campaign, but they also turned these two performers into a popular culture phenomenon, thanks to their ingenuity. Despite having ceased broadcast years ago, the legacy of these ads continues resonating in the minds of consumers and in the history of modern advertising.

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