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This is how Tim Cook has made Apple TV+ a success even though his movies are a failure at the box office

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Apple TV+, unlike other platforms such as Netflix or HBO, invests a lot of money in its productions. We have a clear example in Napoleon, with a budget of 200 million dollars. However, this and other productions, such as The Moon Killers O For Argy, have had very poor results. Despite this, the company makes the most of its management, even raising prices without its users being against it. How is it possible? We analyze it below.

Some auxiliary income

Napoleon It has raised a total of 221 million dollars, a poor profit if we take into account that it has been produced with one of the best actors of the moment and one of the highest-rated directors. However, the productions of The Moon Killers It cost 215 million and has raised 157 million, about losses that only Apple can afford.

Apple's ultimate goal is for its movies to reach Apple TV+, where the company itself has all the production rights y exploitation. Furthermore, if a film is released in the cinema and then reaches the streaming platform streamingthe income of all users who pay the subscription or have signed up to see its extended version affects the final income of the film.

apple tv control center

To all this we have to add that Apple is a company that sells mobile phones and computers. That is, it is not like Netflix, where the bulk of its income depends on the content uploaded to the platform. In this situation, Tim Cook is not looking for his films to be a box office success, but rather for his works to be eligible for Oscars, awards and distinctions, because it has a direct impact on Apple's marketing. Furthermore, movies like Napoleon or the documentary El Poltergeist de Enfield They are not productions that respond to current needs, but are timeless titles. This means that a good production now will still be a good production in 4 years, and that if a user has not seen it in 2024, they can see it in 2027. In fact, the bet is so long-term that, although it has had quite a few beginnings doubtfulcurrently has 25 million subscribers, and it is very likely that they will not unsubscribe for a long time.

Apple pivots towards services

Apple One

Apple obtained last year $97 billion in revenuebeing the services of streaming one of the sectors that does not stop growing year after year. Apple cannot value a service by the benefits it has, but rather as a whole. In this sense, the video game platform and the series and movie platform, two of its latest services, allow the creation of the Apple One subscription, a grouping of subscriptions that results in greater benefits for Apple and the user, since it gives the sensation of that pays less.

It is true that the platforms streaming They say that they earn less and less money and that advertising is the only way to avoid their collapse. However, even though first It seemed that Cook was not going to follow that trend, finally it will not be like that and he will add a cheapest subscription with the aim of it being self-financing, so that its income exceeds or is similar to its expenses, and thus achieves a profitable move: timeless films, of high quality, high budget and zero cost for the company.

We have already seen what Apple's modus operandi is like to obtain profitability thanks to Apple TV+. However, do you know that there are different ways to have Apple TV+ for free? Let's see them below.

  • Trial period: With the purchase of a product, Apple offers you a free one-month trial period. If what you want is to try the streaming service, you have a free period of 7 days.

  • Subscription on Apple One: With the Apple One subscription you can save quite a lot of money on Apple TV+, and even have it “free.” For example, if you have purchased the subscription plan to enjoy Fitness+, iCloud, Apple Arcade and Music and you have never used the TV+ service, you have it for a cheaper price than if you make the purchase in the more classic way.

  • Student plan: allows you to have access to Apple TV+ at half the price during the period that you are a student. The price is 4.99 euros per month. To get this discount, you must register with Unidays.

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