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Apple has a more than generous number of iPhones in its repertoire. And although there are models that are not updated to new versions of iOS, they are not left unattended, as security holes are solved and performance is improved. However, the case of the iPhone 12 is different: it is compatible with iOS 17, and after four years on the market, Apple has improved a feature, thanks to the software. And nobody expected it.

The iPhone 12 was released in 20202, and with it some significant changes were introduced. The first of them, the design, in which the lines of the iPhone 5 were recovered. Another, the MagSafe system was back to stay. Since the iPhone X, Apple phones have incorporated Qi wireless charging, but they did not have a magnetic grip.

In this sense, Apple has improved a feature that affects both the battery and the wireless charging system of the iPhone 12four years after they were launched on the market, and after receiving a new version of iOS.

Although it is common for Apple to improve its devices with software, adding new functions, this case is somewhat different. We have an improvement at the hardware level, in a specific model that was compatible with this feature, but which had not been implemented until now. And it draws attention, since it is an iPhone that was presented in 2020.

The iPhone 12 charges faster thanks to iOS 17.4

MagSafe wireless charging systems are capable of delivering a maximum power of up to 15W. This is due to protection for the battery, so that it does not exert too much effort when filling the phone's battery.

These 15W, however, are only released in their entirety if we are using an official or certified Apple charger. If we use any other type of base, we can only charge up to 7.5W of power.

Over the years, Qi2 wireless charging technology has arrived, which allows batteries to be charged magnetically more quickly. But this only happens on new iPhone models… until Apple has released iOS 17.4 on all compatible models and, in the case of the iPhone 12, they have allowed this new functionality.

apple magsafeNow the iPhone 12 is capable of charging its battery more quickly, thanks to iOS 17.4 incorporating Qi2 compatibility. The English-speaking news outlet MacWorld has echoed this information, thanks to tests that they themselves have carried out. In the publication of their final results, they declare the following:

In our testing, we first used an Apple MagSafe charger, which was able to charge an empty iPhone 12 Pro Max to 30% in 38 minutes and to 50% in 70 minutes. Using Anker's Qi2 MagGo wireless charger, we charged an iPhone 12 Pro Max to 30% in 33 minutes and 50% in 64 minutes.

iphone 12

Although the battery charging time has not decreased significantly, Yes, there is a reduction in time when using chargers with MagSafe magnetic grip.. As for Qi2 technology, they explain that it is “fully backwards compatible” for models such as the iPhone 12 mini or 13 mini. Of course, with certain limitations. “You can charge an older Qi- or MagSafe-compatible iPhone on a Qi2 charger, but at a maximum of 7.5 watts instead of 15W,” they explain from Macworld.

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