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This is WatchOS 11 and the new Health app that we will see on the Apple Watch

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After the presentation, yesterday, at WWDC, of ​​the new versions of iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch, iPad and Vision Pro, we can now download their betas to test them on the devices. Among them, watchOS draws attention for its new functions and app designed to improve the way you see and know your health.

I already have it installed on my Apple Watch Series 8, and for now everything seems normal, so I don't see battery degradation or worse performance, we will see what happens as the days go by and the constants are taken. For now we are going to talk about what we know about the news that the company has shown us.

WatchOS 11 beta, what does it bring us?

The first thing we need to know is that in order to install it we will also need the iOS 18 beta on our iPhone, and since installing the first of the betas is not recommended, doing so on both devices would be even less so. Anyway, if you decide, these are the changes you will see.

All of them oriented towards better visualization and interpretation of health data. Although there are no new features, which depend more on the hardware, and that we may see with the Apple Watch Vitals) that will show us the data both on the watch itself and on the iPhone, indicating, as you will see in the images, different parameters, such as body temperature, sleeping heart rate, oxygen level, respiration, etc., and will tell us If you have noticed a slight increase or decrease in any of them with respect to your usual averageeven giving us guidelines as to why it could have been, such as alcohol consumption the night before.

WatchOS 11

When we wake up, it will show us a graph with the points to review, or, otherwise, it will tell us that it has been a good night. This can indicate the beginning of a flu, or even a woman's ovulation. Very interesting data in a new watchOS designed with a little more artificial intelligence and that we will have Available for the following models:

  • Apple Watch Series 6.
  • Apple Watch Series 7.
  • Apple Watch Series 8.
  • Apple Watch SE 2.
  • Apple Watch Series 9.
  • Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Apple Watch Ultra 2.

In reference to other important changes, we may modify the ringsas well as indicating the objective depending on the day of the week or even pausing a challenge for X days in case we feel unwell or cannot do it that day, so as not to lose the streak.

WatchOS 11

Likewise, there are new features in the double tap, new effort index, Translate app, etc., which we will talk about in more detail in subsequent versions and new features. For now we are simply left with this, and although we have not seen any bugs, we do not recommend installing it yet, since, as we said, it would also have to be done on our iPhone, so unless we have a spare, it is better to be patient and check that the versions are fluid and do not cause errors.

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