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This is what Jessica Rabbit would look like if she were human, according to AI – Teach me about Science

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Image credits: Pinterest | Teach me about Science

You probably know Jessica Rabbit, an enigmatic character from the movie Who censored Roger Rabbit? This film was considered the beginning of the Renaissance era in American animation. At the time, it was a film considered difficult to classify, because it contained cartoons and real people, but it could not be suitable for children due to the subject matter.

Its cost, at that time, was 70 million dollars, a very high sum for the decade of the 80s, and finally the film was not liked by many people, but little by little it gained people's approval, to the point of becoming an animation icon.

As we told you, within this fun film there are several characters, among which is Jessica Rabbit, the wife of the shy, but at the same time sociable rabbit Roger Rabbit. In the original work, the book Who censored Roger Rabbit? She had been portrayed as an amoral woman, but for the animation she was restructured and drawn as a stunning moral woman who sang in a club in Los Angeles, called the Ink and Paint Club.

Due to her extravagant and very unusual design, Jessica earned a place among the most beautiful female cartoon characters, and it was to be expected that many of the followers would wonder what this beautiful woman would look like if she were made of flesh and blood. bone. Thanks to technological advances, we can use Artificial Intelligence to realize what our favorite characters would look like just by giving a few indications to this powerful digital tool.

As you can imagine, Artificial Intelligence is capable of producing amazing results in a few minutes, as has been demonstrated in other illustrations of a large number of characters. As with all beloved or iconic characters from a series, movie, book or animation, Jessica Rabbit could not be left out of this selection, much less for a character as beautiful as this elegant woman.

So to give us an idea of ​​what Jessica Rabbit would be like in real life, X (formerly Twitter) user @mysmartarts has asked the AI ​​to recreate the beautiful Jessica Rabbit in a hyper-realistic version. And the results are simply amazing, that's why we're sharing them with you right away.

Jessica Rabbit: this is the hyperrealistic version that the AI ​​recreated

Image credits: @mysmartarts
Image credits: @mysmartarts

As you can see, Artificial Intelligence has maintained Jessica Rabbit's main features and characteristics: her big green eyes, white skin, reddish hair and red lips, as well as her characteristic outfit of a low-cut red dress, gold earrings and purple gloves. Without a doubt, an amazing work that has shocked many who have appreciated it, due to its realism and the quality of the image, all well done.

We hope you liked these images and are amazed by the impressive technological advances, in addition to the talent of the creator to masterfully describe each work he carries out.

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