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If there is a video game that has managed to maintain the attention of the gaming community for decades, it is undoubtedly The Legend of Zelda, from the Nintendo company. Released in 1986, this game achieved enormous popularity and favorable reviews within the world of video games, which led it to achieve great fame and success worldwide, managing to sell more than 113 million copies sold in its video games. .

This video game has several titles, which change with each new installment and makes the game more complex than the previous title. Shiregu Miyamoto himself, creator of the game, has explained that in each Zelda game a new story is told. Although it can be a somewhat confusing game due to its chronology, it was explained in the book Hyrule Historia, of the year 2011, which contains the official chronology of the series, that there are three chronological lines that arise from the Ocarina of time.

Due to its excellent plot, which captivates you from the first moment, The Legend of Zelda became a much-loved video game, of which fans have eagerly awaited a live-action adaptation, resulting in a huge surprise for followers of the saga. finding out that a new film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda is on the way.

Of course, fans are waiting for this film to arrive very soon and be able to capture the beloved characters of this popular video game as faithfully as possible, but the project is barely in development and fans have turned to AI to have an idea of ​​what Princess Zelda could be like in real life, or what she should look like in the long-awaited live action.

As expected, the AI ​​has projected the beloved Princess Zelda in a realistic and very beautiful way, in such a way that it has left more than one amazed thanks to its realism and very well done work, like most of the representations it makes. Artificial Intelligence. And so that you too can be amazed by the results, we will share them with you later.

This is what Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom would look like if she were real, according to AI

Image credits: @mysmartarts
Image credits: @mysmartarts
Image credits: @mysmartarts

Princess Zelda is a reincarnation of the goddess Hylia, who had to renounce her divinity in order to use the Triforce. Cursed for all eternity to have to face the Incarnation of Hate, the representations of Zelda have different appearances, although there are features that vary only a little in each of them, such as blonde hair that only changes tone, as well as the eyes, which are mostly different shades of blue. Her ears are long and pointed, like those of elves, she has white skin and a height of approximately 1.50 to 1.60 centimeters.

She always wears white, blue or pink clothing, with the emblems of the royal family, as well as jewelry and sometimes gloves. No matter how she wears her clothes, she will always be represented with great elegance and sophistication, just as the AI ​​managed to capture her in this impressive image.

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