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This is what this iconic character would look like if this iconic character were a woman, according to AI – Teach me about Science

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Once again, AI continues to surprise us with its incredible contributions regarding images that increasingly look more and more realistic. This is what happens with the iconic character Iori Yagami, from The King of Fighters, one of the most famous and recognized video game sagas in the gamer world since its creation, so on this occasion you will discover what the owner would look like. of the blue power, Iori Yagami if he were a woman, according to a creation of Artificial Intelligence.

Iori Yagami is one of the characters in The King of Fighters series, one of the main protagonists who reached one of the top positions as a favorite character. His personality is serious, with somewhat rude and cutting attitudes. Although his personality is very aggressive, he ironically hates this type of behavior.

Irori Yagami belongs to the Yagami clan, who together with the Yata and Kusanagi clan seal Orochi, the deity who, together with his followers, form the representation of the Myth of the Eight Heads. But the Yasakani (Yagami) and Kusanagi clans began to hate each other, and in order to be better than the opposite clan, the Yasakani made a blood pact with Orochi, who gave them more power and changed their flames into dark flames.

Although Iori hates Kyo Kusanagi, he has a sense of honor and respects others regardless of whether they are allies or enemies, which unfortunately changes when Orochi manifests and causes Iori to lose control of himself and attack anyone who crosses his path. he.

We cannot deny that the character's personality and bearing are impressive, especially because of the aggressiveness that characterizes him. Thanks to this, many fans have come to wonder what changes this character would undergo if she were a woman. It may have crossed your mind or it may not, the important thing is that there is an incredible tool that has made it possible: Artificial Intelligence. And because of this curiosity, the AI ​​has been asked what the result would be if Iori Yagami were a woman, yielding astonishing and equally shocking results.

This is what Iori Yagami would look like if she were a woman, according to Artificial Intelligence

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As you can see, in the images that we have presented to you, the distinctive features of the character prevail: red hair, his serious expression and his characteristic clothing in black and red. The work that the Artificial Intelligence tool has achieved with these images is surprising, since it seems that it is going to come out of the screen due to its impressive realism. It is undeniable that technological advances will not stop evolving, beginning to be noticed in the results that tools for creating images through texts offer every time a user asks you to portray a new character. We hope you enjoyed these images and were just as impressed with the results the AI ​​gave when asked to portray Iori Yagami as if she were a beautiful woman.

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