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This will be Apple's Artificial Intelligence and the new Siri

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Powered by large-scale language models (LLMs), Apple Intelligence transforms interaction with Apple devices through deep understanding of languages, images, actions, and personal context. This functionality, which stands out for its advanced natural language interpretationintroduces new writing tools that can be used across the entire operating system, from Mail and Notes to Safari, Pages, Keynote, and third-party apps.

Privacy and a Siri at the level it deserves

Apple Intelligence is distinguished by its focus on user privacy. All data processing is done directly on the device, thus eliminating the need to send information to external servers. In cases where greater computing power is required, only the necessary data is sent to Apple servers, which maintain the same privacy and security standards as iPhone devices. This approach ensures that personal data remains protected and is only used to improve the user experience.

artificial intelligence ios 18

At the heart of Apple Intelligence is a renewed version of Siri, which is now more natural, relevant and personalized. The virtual assistant can make real-time corrections and maintain conversational context, significantly improving user interaction. Siri also has the ability to understand and act in other applications, thanks to a semantic index of photos, calendar events and files. In addition, the new function called Rewrite allows you to change the tone or review texts in applications like Mail and Notesproviding a more flexible writing experience adapted to the user's needs.

Now, with the Notes and Phone apps, you can easily record, transcribe, and summarize your conversations. Thanks to the integration of the voice memo app with Notes, you have everything at your fingertips. In the case of phone calls, Apple cares about your privacy: every time you start a recording, all participants will be automatically notified.

artificial intelligence ios 18

Notification management and photo editing

Apple Intelligence introduces new functionality to automatically summarize notifications. The new Focus mode called “Reduce Interruptions” analyzes notifications and messages to determine if they are important enough to interrupt the user. This feature helps you stay focused and reduce unwanted distractions.

Apple's artificial intelligence also significantly improves the writing and proofreading experience in apps like Mail, Pages, and Notes. Users can generate texts from scratch or correct existing ones, adapting the tone and structure according to their needs. The Rewrite function allows adjust the tone of the texts to a more colloquial, formal or summarized writing format, ensuring that the right words are always found for each situation.

Additionally, Apple Intelligence introduces Image Playground, a image creation tool. Users can choose from styles like Animation, Illustration, or Sketch and create images in seconds. This tool is integrated into the applications and will also be available as a dedicated app, allowing you to customize images with different themes, costumes, accessories and locations, all done on the device to maintain privacy. You can also create emoticons.

artificial intelligence ios 18

The Photos app has been enhanced with the incredible Apple Intelligence. Now you can remove those unwanted people that appear in the background of your photos, leaving only what really matters. Plus, your memories will be even more special with creative storytelling, as Apple's intelligence fully understands the context and moment in which the photos were taken.

artificial intelligence ios 18

ChatGPT on your Apple device

Apple takes a step forward and brings us the integration of ChatGPT on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Although the functionalities mentioned above are native and remain on your device, now you will be able to enjoy the powerful intelligence of ChatGPT directly on your Apple devices, without the need of switching applications.

The new Siri has gotten smarter, leveraging ChatGPT knowledge to answer general questions. You will always have full control over your data: every time Siri needs to use ChatGPT, you will be asked if you want to send the query, since this interaction will take place on servers external to Apple's.

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Compatibility: Apple does not get wet

Apple Intelligence will be available in iOS 18 for iPhone 15 Pro and in macOS 15 and iPadOS 17 for devices with M1 chip or later. This new technology represents a significant advance in the integration of personalized Artificial Intelligence, offering a more intuitive and efficient experience for all Apple users.

As for availability, Apple has confirmed that Apple Intelligence will be present in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, launching this fall. However, it will only be available in the United States and in English. For the rest of the countries and languages, we will have to wait until 2025.

Apple Intelligence marks a milestone in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence applied to personal devices. Its ability to understand and process data on the device, along with its focus on privacy, sets a new standard in interacting with technology. With Siri as a more contextual and natural assistant, and advanced tools for writing and image creation, Apple continues to lead technological innovation, improving everyday life of its users more privately and efficiently.

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