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Even though it resembles a tiger both in appearance and in the way it moves, it has not adopted its wild features. Toyger is affectionate and kind. He loves petting and the company of people. Get to know this delightful breed and its needs better.

Basic information


time: 3-7 kg

height: 30-35 cm

ointmentpumpkin ointment on the back, white on the neck, belly and chin, with dark stripes
length of lifefrom 12 to 15 years
main featuresfriendly, trusting, fun-loving

Appearance and breed standard

This breed of cat resembles a miniature tiger. An adult cat can weigh from 4 to 7 kilograms and reach a height of 30 to 35 centimeters, while female cats, although they do not differ in height, are lighter – their maximum weight is in the range of 3-5 kg.

The stripes on the cat’s body range in color from dark brown to black, while the base color on the back is pumpkin, and on the neck, belly and chin, white. The deep trunk and muscular body combined with high withers make the cat’s gait very similar to that of wild animals.

Kittens and breeding

When deciding to adopt a kitten of this breed, you should carefully consider the choice of breeding and choose a reputable, proven breeder. It is worth remembering that so far only one breeding farm has been established in Poland, so you will have to wait for your dream pet.

The price of a kitten of this breed can range from PLN 4,000 to PLN 8,000, but individuals intended for further breeding can cost up to PLN 16,000 or more. The price depends on the breeding and its reputation, as well as on features such as the sex and color of the kitten, its health and that of its parents, as well as their possible achievements.

History of the breed

The name of the breed comes from the combination of two words – “toy” (English toy or a term for miniature breeds) and “tiger” (English: tiger). Cats of this breed are commonly called “toy tigers” or “pocket tigers”.

The breed owes its existence to Judy Sugden, who crossed a domestic cat with a Bengal cat. The woman’s goal was to create a miniature tiger and to interest society in the situation of wild animals living in the wild. The creation of the breed was a response to the problem of decreasing numbers of wild animals due to the popularization of poaching.

The breed was recognized by TICA in 2007, but FIFe does not recognize it yet.

Toyger – character and disposition

Although the toyger looks like a tiger, it does not adopt the character traits of a wild cat – it is extremely sensitive and has a friendly disposition. Like a wild cat, it is not lazy – it loves playing and going for walks. Full happiness is achieved thanks to the appropriate dose of both physical and mental activity, so the owner must provide the Toyger with many entertainments that will make the cat happy. Despite the great need for activity, the cat is not a mischievous person. Properly met needs mean that the toyger does not cause problems in everyday functioning.

Its highly developed intelligence means that it quickly and easily gets used to changes occurring in everyday life, and also learns new orders and commands very quickly. On a daily basis, he shows great interest in objects in his immediate environment.

Toyger is very open, both to owners and strangers – he rarely becomes distrustful or fearful. Generally, they appreciate people’s company and constantly strive for contact. He can spend time alone, but he feels much better when he has his guardian next to him. The openness of a cat makes it an excellent playmate for both humans and dogs or other cats.

Upbringing and training

Cats of this breed are very intelligent and learn quickly – they can learn all kinds of tricks and how to walk on a leash. However, it is worth remembering that these cats require a lot of attention from the owner, so you will need to devote time to it and provide the cat with appropriate learning, for example through play. The use of aversive methods is not recommended – it is better to reward the desired behavior of your pet with praise and treats. Also provide your cat with proper socialization so that it knows how to react to strange people and animals.

Also, make sure to teach your pet how to be clean from the youngest age and teach your pet how to use a litter box – the right litter will make learning easier. Thanks to this, you will not have problems with keeping your home clean.

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Toys for toyger

These cats are very active, so it is worth equipping them with a scratching post that will allow them to release energy and grind their claws. It is also worth providing your pet with toys to while away the time, such as balls, mice or fishing rods. Interactive toys that stimulate the cat and develop the cat’s natural skills and instincts are also a great idea. They are also a great activity for the cat in the owner’s absence, when the cat may feel lonely.

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Toyger – care

Cat hair is short, so the grooming process is extremely simple. It’s best to brush your cat at least once a week. During the shedding period, the toyger sheds very little hair, so even during this period, care will not be problematic.

Additionally, the owner should trim the toyger’s claws regularly using special scissors and clean the cat’s ears. Regular care will help you avoid unpleasant effects, such as ear infections. Also take care of your cat’s oral hygiene and monitor its condition.

Diet and nutrition

The high activity of a cat makes the selection of food extremely important. The product should contain large amounts of protein and cover daily energy needs – we recommend high-quality dry or wet food. The food should also contain minerals and vitamins that will support the cat’s muscles and joints in everyday functioning. In addition, your cat can be given chews and snacks to maintain oral hygiene.

Cats can also be fed the BARF diet, but this requires very good knowledge of the cats’ nutritional needs, as well as regular supplementation.

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Health and life expectancy

The breed is considered healthy and resistant. They adapt perfectly to changing conditions. However, they suffer from pyruvate kinase deficiency, a disease that affects red blood cells, leading to anemia. Some individuals also developed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

These cats live for 12-15 years.

Who is the breed suitable for?

This is definitely a cat for a persistent lover, because due to the low popularity of the breed, you will probably have to wait for your dream pet. However, they are extremely friendly and sociable cats that will make excellent family companions.

These cats feel best as part of a pack and do not like loneliness. They will be an excellent choice for large families where someone is always at home. However, if you spend a lot of time outside the home, this breed will not be the best choice. It is also worth remembering that the breed is very active and requires involvement in play and everyday cat activities from the household members.


  • unique appearance,
  • devoted to the owner and sociable,
  • rarely gets sick,
  • easy to care for.


  • not very popular breed,
  • the purchase price is high.

Popular names

Cat names Names for female cats
Tiger, Tiger, Stripe, Leo, Benek, Tobi, Mochi, Gooseberry, Rysiu, Feliks, Karmel, Dyzio. Amber, Pchełka, Fryga, Iskra, Luna, Doris, Chanel, Diva, Bastet, Gratka, Lola, Kitka.

Frequently Asked Questions

Toyger where to buy

We recommend purchasing a cat only from a registered and reputable breeder to avoid future problems. However, the breed is not very popular in Poland, so the purchase will not be cheap, and you will have to wait for a kitten. An alternative is adoption from a foreign breeding farm.

Toyger dinner

The price of these cats ranges from PLN 4,000 to PLN 8,000, but the price of an individual intended for further breeding may be as much as PLN 16,000.

Toyger character

These cats are trusting, intelligent and friendly, and at the same time very attached. They don’t tolerate loneliness well. They are easy to raise and learn various tricks easily.

Toyger breeding Poland

At the moment, there is one cattery of this breed in Poland.

Toyger life expectancy

They live for 12-15 years.

Toyger weight

These cats weigh approximately 3-7 kg.

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Date of publication: 27/07/2020

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