What Are Kids Doing When They’re Gaming?

Many people wonder why gaming is so popular for kids. The answer is, there are numerous reasons – from simply wanting to escape to wanting to learn something. As long as boundaries are set, for most kids gaming is a positive experience, which is why they love it so much.

Seeking Escape

Some kids like gaming because they like to escape into a fantasy environment away from stress. Gaming can reduce anxiety and stress in most people who experience it if they find the right type of game that helps them shut off their mind. It’s almost like meditating for some people.

Learning Mastery and Skills

Kids really want to feel competent in what they are doing. One way they feel that way is by learning mastery of a game while they develop the skills to move through the levels of the game.

Looking for Autonomy

Every single day, kids are being told what to do, how to think, and even (when at school) when they can use the toilet. This is very difficult for children once they realise they are a separate human from you. It starts happening at two, which is why almost everyone knows what you mean if you say, “terrible twos.” Gaming is a place where they can feel in charge.

Seeking and Achieving Goals

Kids love to explore and achieve the goals that they set for themselves. Gaming allows them to do that in a safe environment. Learning about how you feel when you achieve something sets you up for being able to do it again outside of gaming.

Feeling Motivation

Loving gaming and wanting to get finished with something to get to the game is a sign that your child can experience feeling motivated about something. That feeling is something that you can exploit by making them earn their gaming time.

Social Interaction

Believe it or not, gaming is a great way to be social. Many of your child’s friends in real life are likely interested in games, and your child will meet others online as they play the games. They relate to these individuals due to their shared love of gaming.

Experiencing Achievement

When they figure out a game, find an Easter egg, or move up a level, they feel as if they have really achieved something. Today with sites like Twitch.tv, YouTube Now, and Mixer.com and others, they also see gamers getting paid for their skill, so they may even be learning business ideas.

Using Their Imagination

Even though games have a lot of moving parts and animation that is out of this world today, kids still use their imagination as they defeat an alien species or figure out a puzzle.

Learning Strategy

One thing that most games have in common is that if you really want to win, you can learn the right strategies, implement them, and win. This can help kids in other avenues too.

Gamers are not just clicking buttons and blowing up people and things. What they are doing is much more complicated than that. There is just as much strategy and imagination in gaming as there is for building Lego blocks. The only difference is the medium.

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