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What are the worst jobs? Harvard reveals the answer, they cause a lot of unhappiness – Teach me about Science

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Are you a person who gets very stressed about your job? Do you really like what you are doing? Your job may be on the list of the worst jobs, according to a study carried out by Harvard University, which mentions that some of these are the cause of people's unhappiness.

As you know, one of the responsibilities of adulthood is to work, many of us need to work to be able to cover our expenses such as income, food, footwear, clothing, tickets, services such as the internet, water and electricity. Therefore, it is necessary that we have a stable source of income that allows us to cover our basic needs and ensures access to health services, recreation and, in general, a decent life.

However, many people do not work in what they like or what they really studied for, so this can be the reason for a discrepancy between what they have and what they want, this discrepancy added to the stress that the work they perform can cause can be turn into unhappiness.

This unhappiness can be caused by many factors, however, the work component and the success we have in it also has a significant impact on how we feel about ourselves and the emotions we are experiencing.

If you've ever wondered if your job is the cause of your unhappiness, check out the list Harvard shared.

The unhappiest jobs according to Harvard: Is yours on the list?

Have you ever wondered if your job makes you happy?? The Harvard University has carried out a study that reveals the jobs that generate the greatest unhappiness in people. Below, we share the list of the jobs that cause the most unhappiness:

The unhappiest jobs:

Dealers: Loneliness and isolation are key factors in the unhappiness of this job.

Long-distance truck drivers: Monotony and lack of social contact make them prone to unhappiness.

Security guards: Constant surveillance and responsibility alone can lead to stress and anxiety.

Jobs with night hours: Disruption of the circadian rhythm and social disconnection negatively impact well-being.

Stressful jobs, Harvard credits

Remote jobs: While they offer flexibility, the lack of social interaction can lead to isolation and loneliness.

Customer Support: Dealing with consistently dissatisfied or angry customers can be frustrating and exhausting.

Retail stores: Similar to the previous case, interacting with difficult people can generate stress and discouragement.

Did you see the common pattern?

Most of the jobs on the list are related to customer service, suggesting that constant interaction with people, especially if they are dissatisfied or demanding, can negatively affect work happiness.

And you? Are you in any of these jobs? While the list is not definitive, it is important to reflect on your own experience and look for ways to improve your job satisfaction.

Remember that your happiness is very important, there are options to improve your work situation. Don't be afraid to look for a change if necessary, remember that many times leaving your comfort zone can be the best decision of your life. Work to be happy.

Do you know your rights as a worker in Mexico?

It is important to know your rights as a worker in Mexico. The Political Constitution, the Federal Labor Law and other legal regulations protect you.

Your rights include:

Right to decent work, sufficient salary, fair working hours, breaks and vacations, social security, know your rights and demand them.

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