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What food for a cat with kidney disease?


Kidneys perform many important functions in the human body, but also in animals. They are responsible for the fluid management in the cat’s body, including: about the appropriate level of minerals and blood pressure. For this reason, kidney diseases pose a serious threat to the animal’s life and health. How to feed a cat suffering from kidney disease? What should be the food for a cat with kidney disease?

Kidney diseases in cats

The most common kidney disease in cats is kidney failure. It is a disease of the urinary system that can lead to serious health consequences. This disorder affects the parts of the kidneys responsible for filtering blood and stabilizing fluid levels in the kidneys. Therefore, this disease may lead to poisoning of the body and, consequently, serious health problems and even death. Helping cats with kidney disease is based primarily on quick diagnosis, introduction of treatment and maintaining a properly selected diet.

Causes of kidney disease in cats

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The causes of kidney disease in cats can vary. Kidney failure often comes with age, so the older the cat, the more likely it is to develop the disease. It may also be caused by drug or chemical poisoning, bacterial infections and other diseases such as polycystic kidney disease. Cats that consume poor quality protein are also at risk of developing kidney failure, as this food ingredient may put too much strain on the kidneys.

How to recognize kidney problems in a cat?

These symptoms are multiple and occur in various configurations depending on the cat’s age, diet and stage of the disease. The most common ones include:

  • dehydration,
  • increased thirst,
  • diluted urine,
  • lack of appetite,
  • vomiting,
  • unpleasant breath odor,
  • mouth ulcers
  • convulsions,
  • matting of the coat.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, it is worth making an appointment with the vet and having your cat examined. In the case of kidney diseases, quick diagnosis gives a great chance for effective treatment and avoiding the unpleasant effects of the disease.

Prevention of kidney disease in cats

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If our cat has been diagnosed with kidney failure, we probably have to change the pet’s eating habits and sometimes also adapt other aspects of life to the disease. It is important to reduce stress in your pet. Let’s observe when the pet is most nervous and limit the source of stress, because it negatively affects the treatment process. Remember that cats with kidney disease may have problems absorbing some medications, so always tell your vet about this condition. Let’s also limit situations in which the cat could become infected with other diseases.

What food for a cat with kidney disease?

The diet for a cat with kidney disease should be: low protein, because improperly functioning kidneys may not be able to cope with large amounts of this ingredient. The protein we provide should therefore be of high quality to compensate for any deficiencies. The second ingredient to pay attention to is phosphorus, which should also be low in the diet. Recommended for cats with renal failure omega-3 and -6 acids, because they have a positive effect on inflammation and blood pressure. We should also give plenty of water to reduce the risk of dehydration.

The food served should, above all, be tasty, which is especially important because sick cats often lose their appetite. Therefore, it is better not to radically change the cat’s diet – if it has been eating dry or wet food so far, stick to a similar type of food. There are many types of food available on the market dedicated to cats with kidney disease. Ready-made products contain the right proportions of all nutrients, so we can be sure that we are giving the cat what it needs.

Hill’s food for cats with kidney disease

The Hill’s brand has a wide range of food for cats suffering from kidney diseases. You will find both dry and wet formulas that will perfectly take care of your pet’s health while providing a valuable and tasty meal. Hill’s Prescription Diet Feline k/d Kidney Care is recommended by many veterinarians. It is a dietary food with reduced phosphorus, sodium and protein content, enriched with fatty acids that support immunity, skin and fur. The food effectively supports the functioning of the kidneys, helps maintain muscle mass and stimulates appetite. It has a high content of essential amino acids and L-carnitine.

If your cat prefers wet food, consult your veterinarian about Hill’s Prescription Diet Feline k/d Salmon. This is a high-quality formula with nutritious, delicious salmon rich in fatty acids, which will effectively encourage cats to eat it. Like the dry version of the food, the food has a reduced content of phosphorus, sodium and protein. The food supports the natural ability to build and maintain muscle mass, stimulates the cat’s appetite and supports the body’s immunity thanks to the richness of fatty acids. It is an ideal solution in the case of chronic or temporary renal failure.

Remember that choosing the right diet in case of kidney diseases is crucial, so you should always consult the choice of a given veterinary food with your veterinarian.

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Date of publication: 20/05/2016

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