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What is the explanation for the strange light that quickly crossed the sky of Sinaloa and Sonora? – Teach me about Science

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SOURCE: FB/Oscar Damian/San Carlos Guaymas Marathon

Since time immemorial, humanity has always loved the sky, we see beyond what our eyes are capable of seeing and we create tools that today allow us to create a background of everything that exists outside our planet. What can surprise us more than an event that we are unaware of and that, looking up, we realize that it still has the peculiarity of leaving us speechless? marveling at events such as comets, eclipses, meteor showers.

Recently, in the Mexican states of Sonora and Sinaloa, residents witnessed a spectacle worthy of amazement. A mysterious and bright light moved in the night sky, generating speculation and theories among the population. What could be that fleeting light that seemed to steal all the attention of the citizens on the horizon?

Social networks were quickly flooded with videos and testimonies of this phenomenon. Some spoke of comets, others of extraordinary atmospheric phenomena. However, the truth behind this mysterious light was easier to digest than what many imagined.

It turns out that, instead of being an extraterrestrial visitor from space or an extraordinary atmospheric event, the light in question was actually the trail left by a satellite in the constellation Starlink, belonging to the SpaceX companyfounded by Elon Musk. This satellite, part of an expanding constellation intended to provide n services, and that eveninghad left his bright brand in the firmament, drawing attention and the imagination of those who witnessed it, mainly in those states.

He launch of the satellite Starlinkcarried out from San Diego, United States Joinedhad been a success, although its passage on the Sea of ​​Cortes He had left this trail in his wake that, to the surprise of many, seemed like an inexplicable phenomenon that only alluded to network theories. Although for many it was a surprising and disconcerting event, for experts in astronomy and space technology, this phenomenon had a perfectly logical explanation.

The rocket responsible for this spectacle is called Falcon 9 of SpaceX, a masterpiece of aerospace engineering that has revolutionized the way we conceive space travel and global connectivity. As the Falcon 9 ascended toward the heights, it left behind a halo of light, a bright trail that faded across the sky.

What is the scientific explanation behind this light?

When a rocket is launched into space, uses propellants that burn fuel to generate the energy necessary to reach the desired orbit. These fuels are usually hydrocarbons such as kerosene or hydrogenwhich combine with the oxygen present in the air to produce energy in the form of heat and light.

SOURCE: Sinaloa Debate

During the climb phase, exhaust gases generated by fuel combustion are released at high speed into the atmosphere. These gasescomposed mainly of steam water and carbon dioxideare heated to high temperatures due to the reaction exothermic what happens in the rocket engine.

When these gases hot come into contact with the cold air of the upper atmosphere, a phenomenon known as ionization occurs. In this process, atoms and molecules in the exhaust gain or lose electrons, creating electrically charged ions. These ionsas they move through the atmosphere, they collide with other particles of air and release energy in the form of visible light.

This light emitted by the ionization of the rocket exhaust gases is what we see as the bright trail that leaves in heaven. The tonality and the intensity from luz may vary depending on factors such as composition of the combustiblethe altitude at which produces ionization and the weather conditions.

Lo fascinating why is event It was not only how beautiful it looked in the sky, but also the reaction of the people. In the social networks, questions and speculations multiplied exponentiallybut now, we have the explanation.

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