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What to do if a cat diet is necessary? · Babuzoo Blog


In a cat’s life, diet is a very important issue when it comes to their health. Of course, let’s remember that cats are also wild creatures that catch their food in the field, and unfortunately no cat will hunt venison with carrots or quail in its own sauce. A good cat diet includes not only the type of meat, but also additives and nutritional valuesthat will provide your cat with energy and will not cause any discomfort such as vomiting or diarrhea. It also happens that finding the right diet for your cat may prove difficult and discourage every pet owner from the very beginning. However, it is not worth giving up after your cat’s first unsuccessful meal. Cats like to be picky and they don’t always eat what we give them with relish. What is important, above all, is your approach and patience, which will allow your cat to start eating healthily.

Cat drinking and eating

Every cat owner has said at least once:my cat doesn’t want to eat or drink“. Why is this happening? Chronic stress, inappropriate food, inappropriately selected flavors or diseases are some of the many reasons why cat on them, when it comes to food. Drinking is a completely different matter. Cats on a diet involving feeding on wet food, they may not drink at all or we may not notice it. Food moisture close to 80% or higher is great for hydrating the cat’s body, and the cat basically doesn’t need to drink anymore. We won’t force him to do this, but let’s not limit him, let’s always leave a bowl with fresh water in view so that the cat can drink at any time. The situation is different in the case of dry food, which does not provide the cat with the appropriate amount of water, and the cat should drink much more of it to be able to properly digest the food and function.

What diet should you give your cat?

Each your cat’s diet will provide it with the right ingredients needed for proper functioning, but it must be properly balanced.

BARF diet

The diet is a mixture of raw (or lightly cooked) meat and natural supplements that complement the daily requirement. To create a BARF diet for your cat, it is important to know how much nutrients our cat needs in a daily dose and how many of them are in the meat and offal that we will give him. We will supplement the missing vitamins and minerals with supplements or additives such as eggs, vegetables, salts and many others.

Dieta Whole Prey

A diet based on feeding cats small animals that are whole, dead of course. Cats are given rats, mice, parts of quails and pheasants, chickens and even fish. This diet is a home-made alternative to a cat’s natural diet, which he leads while living outside. Animals are killed in a humane way, and our cat derives maximum benefit from such a diet, after all, it is most similar to natural conditions.

Commercial diet

Crisps, mousses, soups, sachets, cans and many more. The offer of food for kittens, cats and senior cats is constantly growing. It is important to find the right one whose composition will leave no doubts. The ratio of offal to clean meat should not be more than 1/3. You should also avoid cereal additives, which do not bring anything good to your fur baby’s diet. In addition, it is also worth considering the amount of vitamins and minerals in its composition.

How to choose a diet for a cat?

Each a cat’s diet should, of course, be supported by previous research. If our cat is examined regularly, it’s great. However, if after a long time we have realized that regular tests should be performed more often than every 5 years, then before changing the diet, it is important to consult any changes with a dietitian immediately after the tests. Morphology, biochemistry, and urine and feces tests will give a clear picture of what you should remember when changing your cat’s diet. A cat dietitian will not only help you prepare an appropriate diet for your catbut it will also help you implement it, because not every kitten will be interested in it from the first day.

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