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What we can do with an Apple smart ring

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What is a smart ring

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The smart ring is a wearable that allows you to do many functionalities similar to the Watch, but in a smaller space and at a lower price. These have the same shape as a conventional ring, so, in addition to being a technological product, it is also a fashion accessory with great technology inside, and very discreet.

In relation to the previous paragraph, interior technology is one of its great strengths, since it will have a set of processors and chips that they will obtain data about us at all times and that will allow us to improve our health and our daily lives.

Now, beyond this, what use can we give it? Let's see it below.

What use can we give to Apple's smart ring

There are many uses that we can give to this Apple iRing, so in this technology portal we have recapitulated the main functions that this gadget can have and that make it a magnificent option for the general public.

  • Paid: Like the Apple Watch, it will surely incorporate NFC technology, which allows you to pay without having to take out the card and the iPhone. This system will always be more secure than a classic card, because it has our Apple ID and all the security improvements that Apple includes in each update.
  • Health and well-being check: One of the main characteristics of this product is its control over well-being and health, offering information about heart rate, stress and even information about whether we have an episode of anxiety or a rapid heart rate. It may even have yoga functions, so you can, using a shortcut, activate vibrations to relax.

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  • Security key: More and more companies are investing more in user security and privacy. Surely, this accessory will serve as an unlocking element for your iPhone or Mac without having to include the security key, which represents a new leap in terms of protecting our information. If it is difficult to access our passwords, imagine if they also have unique data.
  • Control of different applications: Apple is clear that every accessory included in its product catalog has to synchronize perfectly with the rest of Apple's applications and products. In this sense, there are reports that speak of a new capture button on the iPhone 16 Pro, with specific functions for photographs. If we start from this base, it is possible that Cupertino includes shortcuts or direct access through different touches on the ring, which would enhance our experience. For example, a double tap would mean recording in Raw mode or activating a series of parameters that we have configured by default.

How much could an Apple ring cost?

Currently on the market we already find some smart rings with functions that could be considered similar to those that will be included in Apple's iRing.

Prices range between 100 and 300 euros. As it has not yet been released, we have no references about its official price, but we have to think that Apple will launch an SE version, as is the case with the Watch, so it is likely that its price will be closer to 300 euros than the 100.

Does the smart ring replace an Apple Watch?

One of the most important questions in the world of gadgets is whether the smart ring can replace the Apple Watch, and the truth is that they are two accessories that have elements in common, but also have many differences.

Apple Watch Ultra on Fernando's arm

This question reminds us a lot of the question of whether an iPad can replace a Mac, and the answer is that it depends on the type of user you are. The Apple Watch is not only a meter of specific functions, such as sleep or heart rate, but it is a wearable which helps us for many other issues, such as responding to messages, emails, listening to music and even receiving calls. On the other hand, the smart ring will not be able to use any functionality that requires viewing content, because it will not have a screen, so its portability wins at the expense of its functionality.

Although they share functions, it is designed for different audiences. It is true that there are people who like watches and rings, but there will be users who, for example, only like the watch, with the ring being the accessory they need to continue generating and closing the Apple ecosystem.

iRing release date

For now, Apple will follow the strategy of recent years and will be one of the last companies to launch the smart ring, but with the idea of ​​launching a product with functions focused on its ecosystem.

According to reports, this gadget has not yet left Apple's laboratories, so it is not expected before the end of 2024, unless they want to surprise us. Apple executives plan to launch it in 2025, provided it has the approval of Tim Cook and that mass production meets Apple's quality standards.

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