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What would Katara look like in real life, according to an AI? – Teach me about Science

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After an excellent reception from the public, 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' has been on everyone's lips again. On this occasion, and thanks to the help of an AI, we can take a look at Katara in real life.

After its premiere around 2005, 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' has become an anime-type cartoon that has won people's hearts for its incredible story.

This animated series places us in a world affected by a war that has lasted 100 years, where we see masters of natural elements, which they divide into 4, earth, air, fire and water.

A world in natural imbalance due to the disappearance of the only master capable of controlling the 4 elements without problem, the avatar, which is embodied in Aang, a young airbender who fled from his responsibilities just in time to avoid encountering the battles that They would end the peace of the world.

The plot of this saga tells us the path that Aang and his friends go through to become the warriors who will help save the Earth from enslavement by firebenders.

Starting this whole adventure thanks to Katara and Sokka, two inhabitants of the Southern Water Tribe, when they took Aang out of an iceberg in which he trapped himself after having an accident while fleeing from his responsibilities as the Avatar.

It is in this first chapter where we are introduced to Katara, the waterbender of the group and first love of our main character, being a key element for the plot of the series and with impressive character development.

Katara was a determined, brave character, but, at the same time, benevolent and understanding.

Image credit: Midjourney

Physically, Katara is a 14-year-old girl, at the time of meeting Aang, with dark skin and long dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a typical blue and white clothing typical of her place of origin.

We can see all these elements clearly represented in the features that we see of Katara in real life that a netizen asked an artificial intelligence to make.

Let us remember that artificial intelligence, AI, for its acronym, are those highly developed computer programs with programming that are capable of performing tasks that previously only humans could do, while their same program grows, as mentioned. Google Cloud.

To better understand the scope of these AIs, let's dimension a computational intelligence that has the ability to think and create on its own, such as generative AIs, which are used to create multimedia content based on a textual description of our idea.

This is how such a real-life representation of Katara was created, using the creative power of generative artificial intelligence from Midjourneyto create such an impressive representation of this character from 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'.

An incredible and very entertaining participation of generative AIs when helping us create unpublished content under our specifications.

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