What You Need to Know About Hiring an Actor to Host Your Event

Hiring an actor to host your event is a sure-fire way of creating buzz and making it memorable for the attendees. What is the process for hiring an actor for an event? Here are a few things to know before you begin the process. 

1. They Have to Fit the Event

Events come in all shapes, sizes, themes, and budgets. You might be planning a charity event for a medical condition, an awards ceremony in the arts, a concert, or something different. No matter the event type, you want to make sure that the actor you wish to hire as host fits the bill. 


If you’re looking to raise money for climate change, consider a celebrity who is passionate about the cause. If you’re going to throw a wild rock ‘n’ roll party, consider someone adjacent or within the music world. If you’re going to have a charity fundraiser for a health condition, consider a celebrity who has it, has a child who has the condition, or already engages in charitable donations and activism for the cause. 


One great way to find fitting actors for hire is to check out websites like specialguestapp.com, where you can hire performers for events in a streamlined way.

2. You Need a Written Contract

A written, witnessed, and signed contractual agreement is essential for the attendance and participation of an actor (and every other hired individual!) at your event. Verbal contracts will not do, and wouldn’t be acceptable to someone of that caliber anyway. Stipulations regarding lodging, payment, security, and more must be lined out in full before you can be assured of their participation. Having a written contract protects you both, provided something goes wrong, or if someone needs to refer back to writing regarding what is expected of them. 

3. Accommodations Are a Must

Actors can be laid-back or divas, and pretty much anything in-between. No matter their demands or lack-thereof, it’s important that you either arrange accommodations for them in order to take part in the event, or that you are an active and collaborative participate with them in booking lodging and arranging for things like food and drink. Depending on the profile-level of the actor, it may be unsafe for them to stay in a 3-star hotel or go out to a restaurant by themselves. Hiring an actor involves an investment in appropriate accommodations.

4.Security is Essential

On the topic of safety, providing security is critical to the participation of a high-profile actor or famous guest at any event. Very famous celebrities have their own security guards, and the uber-famous have entire security teams that may even sweep event sites before allowing them to enter. Lesser-known celebrities and public figures, however, may request that someone be assigned as security during their stay and participation. This is a reasonable request, and should be considered when drawing up a budget for hiring a special guest.

5. Promotion is Essential, Too!

So, you’ve hired an actor to host your event. Contract signed, sealed, and delivered. What is next? You need to integrate them into the marketing plan for your event (provided it is a public event, and not a private party). There’s no point in hiring someone with clout unless you are going to make the public aware of their involvement. The whole point is to draw more attendees, more media attention, and more memories. 


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