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What's behind Apple Keynotes?

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Focused on both the general public and the developer communities, these events are usually broadcast live through the internet, and in them, Apple executives are entering the scene led by Tim Cook, to present the latest news the Californian company. But what is Apple hiding behind these events? How do they prepare them? She reads on and discovers the ins and outs of these acclaimed events.

His story

Apple keynotes have a history marked by innovation and have their origin in the first product presentations that he made Steve Jobs with his team in the 1980s. They used to take place at events like the Macworld Expo.

Upon his return to the company in 1997, Steve Jobs reinvented the way Apple displayed its products. In 1998a memorable Keynote took place, as it served as stage to announce the iMacwhich left everyone speechless due to its design and the innovations that Apple developed in it.

Apple Keynotes were made even more iconic with the arrival of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, with the presence of Steve Jobs as the main focus of all eyes. The top visible head of the Cupertino company stood as one of the fundamental parts of these celebrations. After his death, Tim Cook took over from him as the main opening act of these conferences.

How do they prepare them?

Preparation for these events is a meticulous process that requires the intervention of a multitude of work groups and needs a detailed planning. To do this, Apple selects the topics they will talk about and the products they will present, as well as determining which aspects will be emphasized during the event.

The creation of content is another of its key weapons, since its demo videos with those who present the news they work like a charm, since they collect in them all the apple essence in the best way, managing to seduce to the viewer.

Without leaving aside the enormous logistical preparation that these events require, Apple makes Tests and trials so that everything goes perfectly and without any failure, continuing in the line of excellence that it always seeks.

Likewise, Apple is trying to ensure the surprise by signing non-disclosure agreements to avoid leaks and is responsible for carrying out Marketing campaings that generate expectations in consumers.

The impact

The media attention generated by these events is abysmal and helps strengthen the image of the firm, while developing a leadership image in the technology industry. As is evident, these events have their impact on sales, increasing exponentially the same in the devices presented and help drive the adoption of new technologies.

These events often introduce new technological standards that are adopted by the competition and the industry in general, to adapt to market trends and adjust their own strategies along these lines.

In short, Apple Keynotes are not just about product presentation events, but about moments that define the future of the companytechnology and the legacy of one of the most influential companies in the world.

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