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WhatsApp for Mac finally stops being a nightmare

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Contrary to what happens with the app de WhatsApp for iPhone, the version that usually receives all the news prepared by META the fastest, the instant messaging application for Cupertino computers is not, by any means, the best. Unlike the Windows version, which integrates perfectly with the operating system, the Mac version feels like an independent and isolated application, and that is something that, whether we like it or not, weighs on it.

This, beyond meaning that new platform features are slow to arrive, also means that you do not benefit from many of the features and functions that macOS puts it at the user's service, such as searching through Spotlight, or receiving alerts from our chats from the notification center.

Luckily, although cautiously, this seems to be changing. At least that's what we want to think after seeing the latest news that has reached the version of WhatsApp for Mac.

What's new in the Mac version of WhatsApp

Those responsible for META have released an update to the app in the macOS App Store. This update, which carries the version number 24.9.77introduces some interesting improvements, such as the possibility of organize video calls with up to 32 people and the automatic synchronization of favorite stickers between devices. It's not that they are the bomb, but hey, at least it is similar to the many functions that we can already find in the rest of the versions of the messaging platform and they make using this app for Mac less degradable than before.

WhatsApp Mac news

In addition, other minor improvements stand out, such as the improvement when viewing multimedia contentwhether they are videos or photos, the thumbnails of the files we send, or different improvements to the interface that make using the program more comfortable.

There is still much to improve

And, despite these new functions, it is clear that the WhatsApp application for Mac It is still inferior to its Windows version in several aspects. We are talking about a difference in quality that has led many users to question whether WhatsApp is really committed to the development of its version for Mac. In addition, let's not forget that we have already experienced other WhatsApp problems for Apple devices ourselves. During our experience of use we have realized that the application is usually slow and not very fluid, and crashes frequentlynot to mention the problems with the synchronization of messages and multimedia files between the computer and mobile versions

Although the Mac version of WhatsApp is inferior to the Windows version, it is also important to note that both versions are significantly inferior to the WhatsApp mobile applications. At the end of the day we are talking about a platform designed to communicate from the smartphone and this is where all the new features that META presents will first arrive (especially in the case of the iPhone) and where we will most enjoy a fluid user experience.

We hope that the company continues to give the version for Apple computers the care it requires, unless it wants WhatsApp for Mac continues to be relegated to the background compared to the Windows version and mobile applications.

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