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WhatsApp launches “swipe tabs” function, learn how to activate it and stay up to date – Teach me about Science

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In recent months WhatsApp has launched an astonishing number of updates and new functions that we did not even imagine could exist and others that were already expected by users, the truth is that finding new things is always a good thing to get out of the routine. If you like to stay up to date on technology, applications and electronic devices, you will surely love this new update.

In addition to using it as a means of communication to write to our friends and family, many people use WhatsApp to discuss work matters, make sales in groups or to individual clients, share catalogs and send a large number of multimedia files such as: images, videos, songs, audio notes, one-time circular video notes, gifs, stickers, documents and sensitive information.

Due to the large number of possibilities that WhatsApp offers, it has positioned itself as the preferred application for instant messaging in dozens of countries around the world, in this way it is positioned as the most popular application for these purposes, above others aimed at users. same uses.

What is the “Swipe between tabs in WhatsApp” function and how can it be activated to start using it?

If you have these concerns, don't worry because today we will share with you in a simple way what you have to do first to access this new function, which is only available to people who execute these steps, so pay close attention and learn a new trick to surprise your friends.

Tired of pressing buttons to navigate WhatsApp? Learn the “Swipe between tabs” function with this simple but effective trick.

First: Become a beta tester

-Access the Google Play Store on your Android device.

-Look for the “WhatsApp” application.

-Scroll down and look for the option to become a “beta tester”. If you can't find it, use this link: (link to become a WhatsApp beta tester: invalid URL removed).

-Accept the conditions and wait for the beta version of WhatsApp to download.

New WhatsApp tabs

Second: Activate the gesture

-Open the WhatsApp beta application.

-Swipe left or right on the main screen.

After completing these simple steps, you will have already activated the sliding between tabs function and now you can navigate between chats, statuses and calls without pressing buttons. Likewise, this new appearance gives a more aesthetic and elegant touch to your WhatsApp.

Benefits of being a beta tester

If you have doubts about the advantages or benefits that being a beta tester can have, don't worry because we can tell you the following:

-You get access to exclusive features before anyone else.

-You help improve the application with your comments.

-You can stay up to date with the latest WhatsApp features and evaluate the usefulness, performance and quality of these new possibilities.

Remember that the beta version may be less stable than the official version, so you should consider that in case a failure occurs you do not have to despair, remember that it is an experimental version and could present a failure. Likewise, in case you don't like the new features or you no longer want to know about them for some reason, we tell you that you can exit the beta program at any time.

We hope that this simple trick will be very useful to you and we hope that you start enjoying the new swipe gesture in WhatsApp. Remember that if you liked this entry, you can share it with your friends and family. We wish you a nice week.

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