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WhatsApp officially adds a tool that will help you better organize the messages in your chats – Teach me about Science

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WhatsApp helps you be more organized with its new update that will include a tool capable of preventing important messages from being lost among others. Here we tell you more about it.

Technology has brought many benefits to people's daily lives, making many tasks that were previously complicated can now be performed in a matter of a few minutes.

Such is the case of communication with other people, especially those who are miles away from you or even in another country, for which instant messaging applications are now used, which allows us to be connected with anyone, anywhere. any moment.

Now, just send a message to communicate something to another person far from you. The application par excellence to do this is WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging mobile application in the world.

Since its launch in 2009, WhatsApp has gone through a series of changes that have made it the mobile application it is today.

These updates have brought tools such as sending multimedia files, voice calls, video calls, voice messages, and more recently, 'states' and 'communities' sections, which are more likely to be social networking tools.

However, after so many updates, these are not over, since recently, WhatsApp has officially announced a new tool, which it had already included in its beta version, which will help its users to have greater control over the organization of messages. of your chats.

We are talking about the WhatsApp update for Android, which will bring with it the possibility of pinning messages in WhatsApp chats, so that they remain fixed in the chat and are lost among the rest of the conversation.

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As already mentioned, this tool had already been released for the beta version of this update, but with the possibility of only posting one message per chat. Seeing the great amount of acceptance this tool had, it will now become an official feature of the messaging application.

But now, with the possibility of setting up to three messages, which can include text messages, audios, images, emojis, surveys, stickers and basically any message within the WhatsApp chat.

This tool can also be applied in group chats, but only whoever administers it can decide whether the message is fixed or not.

Likewise, it is worth mentioning that this message setting has the advantage of having an expiration date, which can range from one day, a week and even a month, and then it will be deleted from your chat setting, but, don't worry. , the message will still be available.

These pinned messages appear at the top of the chat as if it were a notification balloon, where you can see the message in question or by clicking on it it will take you directly to the moment the message was sent.

Without a doubt, a tool that will help us retain important messages that we do not want to lose in the conversation, helping us to be more organized with our chats and saving us time from searching for a specific message among the entire conversation.

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