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Where to walk your dog in Warsaw?


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Get to know places to walk your dog in Warsaw – those less and more famous. Would it be a good idea for your best walking routes to include dog runs? Discover Warsaw’s parks and other suggestions for a walk, not only in autumn!

When considering a walk in Warsaw, the first thing you should consider is whether your dog is a city eater or does he appreciate quiet and peaceful places more? Are crowds, bikes and noise comfortable for him? It is worth going to less frequented places or taking a walk in the park during less crowded hours. A relaxing walk with your dog in Warsaw is possible, just plan it in advance and have fun!

Warsaw parks

Warsaw’s parks are truly beautiful at any time of the year. Not all of them are dog-friendly, so be sure to check before your trip. The most popular place to walk a dog in Warsaw is undoubtedly Pole Mokotowskie. Lots of greenery, wide alleys and plenty of places to spread out a blanket or play crazy with a tug. Park Skaryszewski it tempts with a dog glade and a dog hill, as well as two ponds and a lake. If we have a children’s and dog set, they are a great idea for a walk Forty Bema with a forest atmosphere, a cafe in a yurt and the largest playground in Warsaw for children. If we feel like exploring, after exploring Old Town you can smoothly go to the park Krasiński Garden.

Less known places to walk a dog in Warsaw

Zawady is a picturesque beach and one of the most beautiful and largest in Warsaw. Its width is as much as 50 meters, which gives it a spacious character. This beach is unique because it is shaped by a river, which adds to its natural charm.

To get to Zawady beach, you can choose one of two paths. You can follow the wall or the path, although it is usually recommended to choose the first option as it is more comfortable. The wall, which turns out to be completely friendly, has an impressive length of over 200 meters and varies over a dozen or so centimeters to up to 3 meters in height. The entire route leads through a charming riparian forest.

To make the trip more intimate and peaceful, go on it outside the weekend.

Dog parks

Dog Park Wilanów, the catwalk in Stegny or the playground for dogs in Górczewska Park are just a few of the dog park options in Warsaw. We would like to add that in our opinion, before you go to the dog park, observe your dog. Are you sure he plays well with a group of other dogs? Dog play is not a crazy chase during which pets bump into each other, objects or guardians. It is alternating, there are breaks and, most importantly, longer rests. A relaxed dog is one whose body is not tense, runs softly and rests by sniffing or even lying down for a while.

To ensure comfortable interaction between dogs, two key things are necessary: ​​time and space. These elements are often missing at dog parks.

When we enter an area where there are already several dogs, it is worth remembering that they are usually already excited and nervous. They usually wait at the entrance, and their first reaction is to immediately surround our pet, sniffing it and not allowing it to quietly meet other dogs. This situation can lead to potential conflicts, or at least causes great discomfort and stress for dogs.

Learn more ways to consciously use the dog park. Find out what the difference is between a run and a dog clearing? Find out the answer to the question: why, if it is not comfortable for them, do pets go to the dog park and want to go there? listen episode “Barks, wags, talks”.


We love spending the weekend with our dog near Warsaw, but we don’t always have enough time for a satisfying daily walk? There is a solution to this, it is worth reaching for a professional dog walker, i.e. a pet sitter. The dog walking service in Warsaw is quite popular, so you can find a lot of advertisements on this topic. If you are wondering how to find the right person who will suit both you and your pet, check our website webinar o petsittingu. During the Olimpia webinar (pyes_behawiorysta) will comprehensively discuss topics related to pet sitting and broadly understood animal care. He will talk about them both from the perspective of people practicing the profession of pet sitter or running animal hotels, but also from the perspective of people using this type of services – what to pay attention to, how to work with animals, how to improve your competences?

Walking a dog in Warsaw, as in any large city, can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Don’t be discouraged if your dog is not a fan of big city pleasures, remember that there are forests in Warsaw, and Warsaw parks can hide less frequented alleys and clearings. Remember that in the end, it doesn’t matter where your walking route leads – what matters is that you spend this time together!


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