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Which dog breeds are the most obedient?


Obedience is one of the features that pet owners pay special attention to. At the beginning, however, it should be noted that dogs have their own instincts and specific needs, which makes it inadvisable to expect them to be absolutely subservient to all imposed requirements. There are several individual breeds that stand out from other dogs in terms of their willingness to cooperate, their tendency to be submissive to their guardians, and their ease in acquiring certain skills and following commands.

What dogs are the most obedient? What exactly constitutes this feature? The answer to these questions is the article below.

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The most obedient dog breeds

One of the most important components of obedience is quadrupedal intelligence, which manifests itself through the ability to quickly acquire certain skills and remember commands. However, even the most intelligent dogs can be a bit disobedient, which is influenced by the animal’s character and many other individual characteristics. It is worth bearing in mind the fact that there can be an exception to every rule, which is why even representatives of breeds generally considered obedient are able, to a greater or lesser extent, to show their “humor”, stubbornness, or simple reluctance to carry out a given command.

Border collie

Obedient dog breeds - Border collie

The Border Collie is probably the most popular herding dog breed in the world. These quadrupeds are distinguished by agility, speed, and high intelligence, thanks to which they are able to efficiently perform all tasks entrusted to them.

Collie establishes a strong bond with his guardians and understands his intentions and requirements. Dogs of this breed are extraordinary athletes who stand on the podium in competitions such as obedience, agility, and fresbee. Moreover, they are also used in various services, especially rescue services.

The breed thrives in the company of humans, willingly cooperates with them, and successfully acquires new skills. However, the Border Collie requires significant amounts of exercise, physical activity and intellectual stimulation. A dog that is misguided may develop particular behavioral problems and experience a significant deterioration in its mental state.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd, like the Border Collie, is a natural-born herding dog. The breed is characterized by high energy, high intelligence, and a passion for various activities and performing assigned tasks. These pets are extremely nice and friendly, although their nature is also rooted in a strong territorial instinct.

Australian Shepherds quickly acquire new skills, easily remember commands and perform well in many different roles. However, the breed does not like monotony and boredom, which is why it requires relatively large doses of exercise and intellectual stimulation.

English Springer Spaniel

Obedient dog breeds - English Springer Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is not only phenomenally beautiful, but also an intelligent and obedient dog that enjoys great recognition. The breed shows features such as self-control, gentleness, tenderness, as well as a friendly and joyful disposition. These pets have a number of unique skills thanks to which they win the hearts of caregivers around the world. They are able to quickly acquire new skills and then respond efficiently to the commands of their caregivers, with whom they establish a very strong bond and do not tolerate separation well.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is an extremely devoted, loyal and obedient dog, which is also characterized by high intelligence and exceptional skills. The breed is often used to work in various services, where the abilities of these dogs and their extraordinary characters make German Shepherds very often heroes who save lives.

Representatives of the breed quickly acquire new skills and at the same time establish exceptionally strong bonds with their beloved owners. These pets also have a strong territorial instinct, which is why they often play the role of guard dogs. However, remember that the German Shepherd requires both physical and mental stimulation. In addition, when caring for a dog, it is also crucial to implement an appropriate training program, but also to devote time and commitment to the proper socialization of the pet.

A bottle

Obedient dog breeds - Poodle

The poodle, like the German Shepherd and the Border Collie, is on the podium in the category of the most intelligent dog breeds. These pets also have features such as obedience to their owners and a gentle and friendly disposition. There is absolutely nothing strange about the fact that poodles are such popular dogs. Interestingly, this applies to each of the four breed varieties, i.e. large, medium, miniature and toy.

Golden retriever

Golden retriever

The golden retriever is not only a gentle, affectionate and extremely nice dog. The breed is also characterized by high intelligence, the ability to quickly acquire new skills, and significant doses of obedience. These pets establish deep relationships with people, and their skills and unique disposition mean that golden retrievers often play the role of assistance dogs for people with disabilities or diseases, or dog rescuers.

Labrador retriever

Labrador retriever

A properly motivated Labrador Retriever is an extremely obedient dog that will perform virtually any task assigned to it. The breed successfully acquires new skills and at the same time shows a gentle and friendly attitude towards both people and other animals. Labradors very often work as lifeguards – especially water rescuers – but they also serve as assistance dogs.


Obedient dog breeds - Vizsla

The Vizsla, also called Vizsla or Magyar Vizsla, is an energetic, friendly, intelligent and obedient dog. Properly trained, it is able to cope with many different situations, and breeders and guardians point out that the breed has extraordinary abilities to read emotions and moods of both household members and other animals.

Vizsla is an extremely devoted and loyal breed that does not like boredom and loneliness. Therefore, he is very willing to engage in various activities, including those involving learning new skills or following the instructions of his guardians.


Papillon Papillon

Although the Papillon looks inconspicuous, the breed harbors significant intelligence and unique abilities. These pets learn new commands very quickly, and they follow their owners’ commands without hesitation, especially if they are properly motivated. Papillons are also sensitive and sensitive creatures that do not do well in solitude, and human company is very important to them.

Shetland Sheepdog

Obedient dog breeds - Shetland Sheepdog Obedient dog breeds - Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, also called the Sheltie, is a relatively small, but energetic and playful dog that has the ability to quickly acquire new skills. The breed successfully follows all instructions given by its owners, especially when the dogs are properly motivated to do so. In addition, Shetland Sheepdogs are exceptionally empathetic, gentle and affectionate, and they establish strong bonds with their owners. However, the Sheltie requires significant doses of exercise and intellectual stimulation, as long-term boredom and monotonous activities can have a negative impact on the dog’s well-being.

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