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​Why Cats Should Be Sterilized, What You Need to Know


Neutering is one of the best interventions that can be done to protect the health of cats and increase their lifespan. It is possible to prevent many diseases that can be seen in cats with neutering operations, which are recommended by almost every veterinarian.

In this article, we have explained the four most important benefits of neutering your cat.

1. It is effective in preventing some cancers

It is known that neutering, especially in female cats, before the estrus period begins, has a preventive effect against many types of cancer. Since types of cancer related to the reproductive system generally begin to develop after the estrus period, neutering helps prevent such problems.

Neutering, which has the same effect on male cats, can prevent testicular cancer, which can occur at later ages.

2. Alleviates estrus periods

It is considered quite natural for house cats to have tendencies such as leaving signs around, meowing loudly and running away from home during the heat period.

It is known that such symptoms are minimized in neutered cats. Although similar symptoms can be seen in neutered cats, these symptoms are much milder.

3. It is effective in preventing diseases transmitted from cat to cat

Sterilization is of great importance in preventing diseases such as leukemia and FIV, which are contagious among cats. Even though you keep your cat at home, there is a possibility of it contracting a disease if it runs away from home during heat or gets into a fight with another cat.

Such risks are minimized in neutered cats.

4. Contributes to Reducing the Population of Shelters


Neutering cats is the only way to prevent unwanted kittens. In order to keep the cat population under control, it is recommended that stray cats be neutered just like house cats.

Sterilization is a vital process for cats. Therefore, whether you are keeping a cat at home or in your garden, it is recommended that you have it neutered.


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