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Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?


It is common for dogs to chase their tails and start to spin around themselves. There may actually be more than one reason behind this behavior, which sometimes causes quite entertaining images.

If you are wondering why dogs chase their tails, we have listed the possible reasons for you in this article.

He Might Be Trying to Get Attention

If you find it funny when your dog chases its own tail and you appreciate and show interest in it, your dog may be doing this to get your attention.

If you want this behavior, which starts from a young age, to not continue, it would be beneficial to ignore your dog when it is chasing its tail.

Might Be Bored

All dogs need a certain amount of activity to live a healthy and happy life. Some dogs also have higher energy than others.

Your dog may be chasing his own tail because he’s bored. In such cases, you can play with your friend, take him for a walk, or take him to the park to socialize with other dogs.

May Be Stressed or Anxious

Some dogs instinctively chase their tails when they feel bad. If your dog exhibits this behavior when under stress or anxiety, you should remember that you must calm your friend down.

You can calm your friend by petting him, hugging him, or giving him the toys he likes. Likewise, in order to prevent stress again, it is recommended that you remove the items that cause anxiety in the environment and find the reasons that cause stress.

Your Dog May Have Health Problems

If your dog starts chasing his tail like he never did before or if it becomes more frequent, this may indicate health problems. Unusual tail chasing behaviors may be a sign of the following health problems:

  • Anal chess
  • rectal irritation
  • Interference
  • Flea or tick
  • Pain
  • Cancer
  • seizure disorder

If you suspect such situations, it is recommended that you consult a veterinarian.

Could be a sign of canine compulsive disorder

This disease, which usually occurs in small breed dogs, is caused by genetic reasons. If your dog persistently chases its tail and exhausts itself, it may be a sign of illness. In this disease, it can be very difficult to stop your dog as he becomes obsessed with his own tail, and even if he stops, it starts again in a short time.

If this disease progresses, it may even be necessary to remove the tail surgically. Therefore, in suspicious cases, it is recommended to consult a veterinarian and have the necessary examination performed.

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