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Why doesn't the same balance appear at the ATM as what you have on your Wellbeing card? – Teach me about Science

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In Mexicothe constant search to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants has led to the implementation of various social programs. One of the most significant and far-reaching is the Wellness Programan initiative government designed to provide economical support and social to the most vulnerable sectors of the population. Through this program, we seek to guarantee access to basic services, promote educationthe health and offer opportunities that contribute to welfare integral of the personas and its communities.

He Welfare Bank manages and channels the resources of the Wellbeing Program efficiently. With a solid infrastructure and a wide network of branches and ATMs, this banking entity facilitates beneficiaries' access to their resources, allowing them to carry out financial operations in an agile and secure manner through a card: The Wellbeing Card.

What benefits does this card entail?

The Wellness Card has become a tool fundamental for the beneficiaries since it allows them to receive and manage economic support directly, avoiding intermediaries y guaranteeing that resources reach their beneficiaries effectively. However, in recent days, there has been some confusion among users when trying to consult their balance in cashiers automatic from other banking institutions, since in the ATM screens The supposed balance does not appear, It's the one they had.

However, it seems that if they consult in banks that do not belong to Bank of Welfaremany users will notice a discrepancy between the available balance shown by the teller and the total balance that they have registered in their Wellness Card. ANDThis situation has generated concern and confusion, since it is feared that their funds are at risk or they are victims of some type of fraud.

For to understand this differenceit is important to clarify that the ATMs of other banking institutions show ONLY the balance available for withdrawal, that is, the amount of money that the user can withdraw at that moment. This balance available does not reflect the total account balancewhich includes other concepts such as recent deposits, withholdings or any other financial movementWell, this information You can consult it from the official app.

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The difference between available balance and total balance is a feature common in the banking system and is due to the way in which each institution presents financial information to its clients. It is not a error or problem with the Wellness Cardbut simply a distinction in the presentation of financial information that can generate confusion if not properly understood.

Given this situation, the Welfare Bank has taken measures to inform and guide users on how to correctly check their total balance. In addition to going to a Banco del Bienestar branch, users can call the customer service number 800 900 2000, option 1and enter the last four digits of the year your date of birth to obtain detailed information about your total balance and any other motion financial associated with his Wellness Card.

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