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Why no one believes that Apple wanted to make the Watch compatible with Android

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WatchOS is completely dependent on iOS

WatchOS is Apple's operating system for Cupertino smartwatches, just as macOS is for Mac (which turned 20 years old yesterday) and iOS is for iPhones. However, iPadOS, macOS and iOS are operating systems that sync with each other, but each of them has its own degree of independence. The problem is that the operating system of the Californian company's smart watches is not like that, since they need the same version of iOS to work.

Corona digital Apple Watch.

To all this we have to add that the Watch, since its origins, they depended the iPhone to save on costs and development, especially in its first versions, where the S processors, that is, those that are inside the Watch, were very not powerful, so the only solution was for the watch to be a reflection of what was happening on the iPhone. Do you remember how poorly the first generations worked?

Brief changes in WatchOS 2

Apple tried to make its Watches have their own, allowing developers to create Applications to run actively on the Watch. However, many applications cannot work if the iPhone is far away and does not have a Wi-Fi connection. Therefore, yes to the applications, but no to their enjoyment.

Of course, with the arrival of the LTE versionApple allowed this accessory to work independently without the iPhone, you could even listen to Apple Music from the red 4G.

Apple Watch blanco

Over the next 8 years, this gadget has evolved and acquired a certain “independence”, but the problem really comes from phase, since watchOS 10 is based on WatchOS 1. Therefore, its desire to be compatible with Android is not a lie, but it does not tell the whole truth.

Does an Apple Watch with an Android version make sense?

Actually, and we have several publications about it, there are mechanisms to force a minimum compatibility with Android. However, if the American company wants them to have a remarkable experience, they need much more than a simple connection, starting with making the watch less dependent on the best-selling smartphone in history.

Apple Watch Ultra + iPhone

In this sense, Apple would have to review completely the configuration process of the Apple Watch and the iPhone, breaking the existing compatibility between watchOS and iOS, that is, breaking the “essence of the company”, its ecosystem, and allowing the entry of third parties.

It is true that Apple may have some monopoly with the iPhone, but it is really not Apple's fault, but rather the user who purchases the product. The user is the one who decides which product to buy. If the user does not like the Mac, he has the option of purchasing a Windows, and, if he does not like an iPad, he can purchase a Samsung tablet. However, forcing a company to make one of its products compatible with another from the competition would be saying directly to Apple: “We don't want you to dominate a market that, due to your product and your technology, you have managed to dominate.”

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